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Zoey - 7404 and Nikki - 0102


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Jun 24, 2013
I had seen Zoey on Thursday. I had expectations that her photos were photoshopped because I didn't think bodies could be that curvey... I was wrong. She looked just like she does in the pictures and here personality was even sexier. She's been reviewed here before and I agree with those that have. She's definitely someone to see when she's in town.

We had finished up our time and she asked me if I'd like to meet her roommate, Nikki. We walked over second bedroom and hot damn! Nikki is hot. She could really use some better pictures.

I booked and hour with Nikki on Friday and ended up extending it to two. I could not get enough of lady. She's apparently born in Belgium and made her way here and lucky me she did. After we were done we chatted a bit and the idea of a duo with her and Zoey popped up.

Come Monday I had an hour with both these ladies and... Yeah... Speechless. They were awesome and this will probably go down as a highlight of the year.

PS. Nikki also advertises as Jasmine, but I'd say the pictures of the ads for Nikki are more accurate.
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