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Jun 25, 2013
Natasha's ad looked interesting enough and it seems like the girls that use that number are for the most part solid. I booked and hour with her and was a bit let down when she opened the door. Those photos might be her, but there is a lot more women than the one in the pictures. Either she's gained some weight, or they went a bit overboard with the touching up.

She was very pleasant and sensual. Before I knew it I was up against the wall being undressed by her as she was kissing me.

Not sure if I caught her on a bad day, but the smokers breath was a bit much, but I persisted.

We moved onto the bed and got on with things. She was shaved, but not sure ow long ago. The stubble was a bit problematic as she was a larger lady and the extra surface area and weight did not help.

Between that, the breath, and the misleading pictures I had about as much as I could bear. I finished up 45 minutes in showered and left. She really nice and I wish the session could have gone better, but I don't think I'll be seeing this lady again.