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Alive and kicking I see..... good on ya! Me, on the sidelines for almost a year now..... Covid and local quality the main reasons. And also still have a Fox hangover lol.

My age preferences are just that, they are merely preferences, they are not restrictions. I am much more concerned with establishing a connection than I am with your age. And why do bigger men think that screening means we dont like big boys? I love big teddy bears and when I see a height and weight that shows a big boy, Im all over that request. I LOVE FAT BOYS!
Just brief reminder that I do require the booking request form on my website filled out once before I will consider your requests that are coming though here on Perb.
The booking request form is a one time request. After its been filled out once we can move forward.
I am getting so excited for my week of new client bookings! I truly love meeting new people, its so exciting. Dont miss your opportunity, procrastination is the killer of good times, Gentlemen. Last chance until we are into 2021.
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