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Worst experience, Do not approach, Sam 5008, "Samantha Tall Brunette/BlondSpecials"


Jun 27, 2020
I am on a work trip to Edmonton temporarily. Last weekend I searched Leolist to find a release. Since I don't have a car here, I tried finding somebody closer to my place. I found this toxic shrew on Leolist, searched for her here on PERB, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything on her in here, so I risked it (which I shouldn't have). Her ad is also so alluring. This is an exact copy of her ad:
"Tall sweet green eyed beautiful brunette!/blond with a seductively sweet and erotic personality loves to entertain RESPECTFUL gentlemen only

In call is 120 hour no hh on special- last day


whitemud and 159 st

Out is 180 hour - Edm and surrounding towns


Full safe, prostate massage, squirt;ng, toy shows showers, full body lotion or oil rub downs bb-jay, daty

Gr€€k and two releases all in hour appointment"

So I texted her one day in advance and set an appointment for the next day. Her phone number is XXX 807 5008. Her address is 89XX Meadowlark Rd. I arrived on time and texted as per her instruction. She opened the door and showed me her two giant dogs the first moment. Needless to say that her place was a mess. She looks like what you see in the ad. When we reached the room she asked for 120$ which I paid without any hassle. She started acting on me right away.
She started taking off her clothes like a robot and asked me to take off mine. As soon as I wanted to hang my clothes on a hanger she snapped at me and said that that place is totally disinfected and I have to put my clothes on the seat. She instructed me to lie down on my back which I did. Then she played very loud music which I asked her to turn down, she snapped at me again for that. Then she put a condom on my dick and started to suck my dick. I said that her ad says BBJ, she snapped at me again and took the condom off, and sucked my dick for 5 seconds! Then She started jerking my dick so hard that I was about to cum, so I tried removing her hand off of my dick when she snapped at me again. Then she started shouting at me and saying I shouldn't mention what was in her ad and she just charged me 120$ and everybody cums fast and so on. Her dogs started barking in the other room when she was shouting to intimidate me. Then she said no greek and the second release will be me jerking off myself! and my lips and hands will not touch her body! Then she bent over doggy style and put my dick in her pussy and asked me to fuck her and asked me to come every 10 seconds. At this point, I was so frustrated that I made myself cum fast and got out of her shithole. The entire session took less than 10 minutes. I did not get any good feeling or release or nearly the things she has promised on her own ad.
Now there is a review on PERB. She is lurking there waiting for the next sucker to rob. Do not fall into her trap. Do not waste your money on her.
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