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Sophia Taylor Is Amazing!


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Jul 1, 2021
This 4'9 goddess was my first time with an escort; thanks to her, humanity's oldest profession did not disappoint.

I'd just finished my part time classes and decided to buy myself a treat. LL was the first result that came up while searching. Scrolling through the respective ads, this dreamy beauty caught my eye with her petite frame. I called her up and she explained what we would be doing if I chose her for that evening. Sensing I didn't quite understand the terms the first time around, she kindly reexplained. This helpful spirit of hers would show itself often throughout our evening together. She was constantly offering to do me little favors.

She arrived in a small dress that hugged her tiny body perfectly and, before our evening began, offered to change into a smaller outfit she brought with her. The experience was nothing short of amazing. I made it clear to her that I didn't want her to contrive any aspect of our experience and I've good reason to believe she complied. She dared to make comments well outside the realm of pandering; which I liked, I prefer a normal conversation to a customer service-esq exchange. Just as one example; while she considered me cute she added that I could use a haircut (I was not offended as this was correct).

We skipped the massage; I'm more of a giver, something she respected and ultimately really enjoyed. I'm definitely of average size but I was pleasantly surprised to find that to her I felt exceptionally large. We took a break about half way through to talk. She told me she's into snowboarding (very cool) and is using the to improve her English.

Sophia gave me a remarkable experience and I certainly don't believe I could've spent my money any better. Hope to see her again.


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