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Feb 16, 2012
Western Canada
I am a mature professional who, over time, has become a bit selective and even more concerned about discretion and risk.

I noticed that Sensual Riley was scheduled to come to Calgary this weekend and I wasn’t about to miss the chance to see her. You only need to look at her website to be struck by her professionalism, and being taken by her apparent beauty, fantastic body and classic elegance.

We arranged to meet at a patio bar in the market; and, right on time, she walked in, tastefully dressed in an up-scale trendy business outfit (with a flirtatious edge to it). Wow!... I continue to marvel at how much better she looks in real life than in her ad.

Riley is an intuitive, confident, self aware woman, who can converse with ease on multiple levels. I love her honesty and easy laughter. That, along with her good looks, beaming smile and great sense of humour was mesmerizing. We sat back, enjoyed the sunshine and drinks, as the afternoon passed in a blur and our time simply melted away.

In the late afternoon we eased our way up to her suite. Everything with Riley feels so natural, as if we’d been lovers for years. With that natural ease, we sprawled on the king-sized bed and I was soon savouring the genuine personal warmth and sensual skills of this incredible lady. I am not one for sexual details (YMMV), except to say that Riley is an incredible GFE experience. She is a class act on every level. Like fine wine (she prefers a bold red Italian) she is to be savoured rather than gulped and is well worth an extended visit.

'Yer welcome!ģ
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