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Jadeyn Dreams - great experience

Der oyson

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Feb 18, 2017
I had the great pleasure of spending two hours with Jadeyn Dreams recently. She is based out if Lethbridge I think but often visits Calgary and Edmonton. I was in Calgary on business (from YVR) and fortunately our schedules meshed. She has an amazingly fit and muscular body that she clearly puts a lot of effort into. I was worried I might be a bit intimidated by her physique but it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Like the tag line says, her body really is like wonderland. So glad I got to explore it. She put me right at ease and I felt totally comfortable right away. She is very cute and has a great sparkling personality. She just seemed like a truly genuine person who was great fun to be around. Her oral skills are off the charts (as advertised) and wow what an amazing kisser. I did not want to leave, but unfortunately, our time together came to an end. Simply top notch service.

I will definitely repeat as soon as I get the opportunity - hopefully our paths will cross in Calgary sometime soon - and often.

Thank you Jadeyn for a fantastic evening. Looking forward to seeing you again!
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