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May 31, 2013
I had the privelege of seeing Ray just before Christmas.

I contacted her initially to see if I could visit later that same evening, not expecting but hoping. We couldn’t make it work, so I set up to visit with her a couple nights later. We messaged back and forth to find a time to call. Everything was quick and polite. After a brief phone call I was set to go.

On the day, we confirmed quickly by text and I was given very detailed directions. Her incall was easy to find. There isn’t parking immediately by the incall but there is plenty of easy and free parking within a block.

When I arrived she was very well dressed, and had accomodated my minor outfit request. Her incall was spotless, she had candles going, water out on the table, and quiet music playing.

Without getting in to the details, I saw her for 2 hours but didn’t go for the extras, very little of that time was spent talking. She is an excellent kisser, which is important to me. The little that we did chat while catching our breath and drinking some water was intelligent and comfortable. She is beautiful, both in and out of her clothes.

I have already booked again, and waiting is not easy.



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Aug 16, 2017
I was just checking her out tonight so your review is timely for me! She has a both a website and Twitter to look up and one pic caused me concern so I have to ask. She had posted a pic of her in the tub showing an armpit full of hair and even referenced it in her caption. I'm not crazy about that so I have to ask what her body hair grooming was like? TIA


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Jun 15, 2009
Anyone else seen this lady? She seems very sexy and personable but I don't see much on here about her.
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