Kaylin at SVIP - update


Sep 6, 2005
I spent a wonderful hour with Kaylin when visiting Victoria last week and I noticed that she hasn't been reviewed recently. I checked with her at the end of our session and she is fine with reviews so here's a few words on my experience.

The arrangements were handled perfectly, as always, by Ms. H. I explained that I was a member of an older demographic, since some ladies don't feel comfortable with men above a certain age, and I gave a few details of my thoughts and desires. We soon agreed on Kaylin and the rendezvous went perfectly. I have never been too comfortable entering SVIPs from the busy street but Kaylin snapped the door open promptly and greeted me warmly. I can only say that she is everything described in previous reviews and better. Not a spinner but firm and curvy in all the right places. I noted that someone else described a B+ and I would definitely endorse that opinion! We had a wonderful time together taking things slow and enjoying every touch. When I left I was a little taller and there was a real spring in my step. Repeat? Can't wait!
Vancouver Escorts