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Question - Best time to get HIV test


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Aug 7, 2012

I have been visiting SP's for some time now and frequently get offered BBFS by the SP due to my "above average looks", or so they say. I have always been quite disciplined in declining every time, however, my last experience was with an SP who resembled the 'girl of my dreams', and having had a few drinks prior, I engaged in sex without a condom. It was brief, but it happened nonetheless and there's no going back. Trust me when I say I feel like a complete idiot, but the momemt got the best of me.

I have no HIV symptoms at this time. The encounter was about 3 weeks ago now. I am circumcised and very healthy. I actually haven't been sick since I was 17 (am now 32).

My questions are as follows:

Main question (number 1):

  1. When is the best time to get an HIV test? I'm not referring to the length of time after possible exposure as that information is everywhere, but instead, when would be the least likely a time in which to not receive a false-positive, if there is such a time? I've read that false-positives can happen from a number of things, so should I try and wait for a time in which I am feeling my best, ie. when I'm not stressed out from work/life; should I take some time off from the gym before getting tested? etc.

    I do have Ulcerative Colitis, but haven't been able to find any information regarding whether that might cause a false-positive.
  2. Is it possible for someone's immune system to fight off the initial attack of HIV, naturally, and avoid a complete takeover by the virus? Or is HIV just too powerful for ones immune system where once it gains entry, without meds, nothing can be done to ward it off by your immune system?

    I'm not talking about full immunity of HIV, but perhaps if the concentration of HIV in the infected person was low, could my immune system kill it off before it has time to reproduce?
  3. BONUS QUESTION: I've heard of people being "cleared" of HIV by way of the cocktail of meds and such, but are you ever really cleared of HIV? Do these people have to remain on the cocktail for the entire life? Or once "cleared" of HIV (by medical professionals, of course), are they able to get off the meds as an HIV-free person?

    This question was just for my own personal curiosity as I couldn't find any concrete articles regarding this question.

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Nov 24, 2004
Hi dirt hammer

There are a few ways to test for HIV and the timing of your test depends on which is available. We say that 95% of people will be positive within 6 weeks of contact with the virus. Sometimes a positive test result will show up sooner, but 6 weeks is a good time to check.
We would still recommend that you repeat the test at 3 months.

I have never heard that ulcerative colitis could give a false positive.

Yes it is possible for someone's immune system to fight off HIV. One thing it may depend on is how much virus you are exposed to. If there were only a few "copies" of HIV there is a good chance your body would take care of it. It is a bit like getting exposed to any infection. You don't always get a cold from the person who sits beside you at work but sometimes you might. Your own health and immunity may also be a factor.

As far as I know there have two recent cases where people were "cured" of HIV. They both received bone marrow transplants and it appears that the HIV is no longer in their
body. This is not a treatment for HIV so even though it may have created a cure it doesn't look like it is an option for people living with this time anyway. I have not heard of any cures that have happened with cocktails of medication

Let me know it that answers your questions or you need more info.

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