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Mar 8, 2011
Hi everyone
It’s been a really long time since I posted on here. I’m no longer on CAF... I won’t go into details or my honest opinion about that site... i’m only gonna say the moderators on there are on one hell of a power trip and those guys need to be gone from that forum.. ANY WAY

so today I went to Kyoto Spa on 95 st.
Unfortunately there’s a reason why Asians have a pretty bad reputation. When you go on the Kyoto Spa website it shows all these busty young Asian girls and of course you’re a six cents is asking the question are these pictures even real? TGTBT is the first impression you get.

I haven’t gone to many Asian spas but in the past I’ve actually had some pretty great experiences. But unfortunately today wasn’t one of them... when I first called I asked about one of the attendance and if she was working and the woman could barely speak English over the phone I could barely understand her and she basically kept telling me you have to come here to see her.

so I decided to go there and when I did I went straight to the ATM machine because I had no cash on me and this fairly pretty young Asian girl greets me and she immediately takes me to the room. So the damage is $180 for half an hour and $240 for the hour. It was at that point I realize that the lady that greeted me was the ONLY girl working there!

I asked her where the other attendance were and in her very broken English she basically said no girls working today or tomorrow. So she ran me a shower and afterwards I got on the bed she didn’t say one word to me the whole time and some people might like the real deep hard tissue massage with elbows and knees and all that kind of stuff but I was actually kind of in pain. I didn’t find it enjoyable...

pretty much the whole session was her massaging my legs my feet, back, head and neck very very rough. Now keep in mind some people like really rough hard massages but I’m just not one of them. She rolls me over and gives me a condom blow job with no enthusiasm whatsoever then gets on top rides me with absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever has her eyes closed the whole time barely even makes a squeak while she’s riding me then finally I blow my load.

At that point the only thing she said was oh yeah baby... she wiped me down massage my legs and feet a little bit then said thank you. I got back into the shower and I left.

so needless to say I kind of felt like I wasted $240 and I won’t repeat.