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May 30, 2019
long post ahead....* journey 2598
I've been debating writing this for a very long time. Partially because I don’t want to take away from anyone else what I know I’ve had the gift of feeling, and partially because I don’t know if I'm ready to uncover anymore feelings I may have towards this situation. I’m not entirely sure what's pushed me to finally do so, but part of me thinks its because I want to know if anyone else is or has been in this situation....

I started seeing girls casually about 4.5 years ago, after my wife and I split, and it ended up becoming a bit of an addiction for almost a year. *Than, just like that, *I was just done with it, and I had no desire to casually fuck random hot girls anymore. *SHOCKING. I KNOW! *I wanted something a more meaningful, a personal connection, and more chemistry, but not a full blown relationship either. My career which includes a lot of travel, so dating was not yet ideal either.
I confided in a close friend of mine, the one who actually showed me the ropes of the SP world, who I knew had been seeing the same gal for quite awhile, and they seem to have the type of bond that I just so happened to be looking for. *He gave me her name, told me to give her a go, and see how I felt. I made sure he didn’t tell her that I was his friend, as I was not comfortable with that. After showing me her pictures, I was definitely intrigued, although not quite comfortable with the fact this was my buddies goto girl.

Initially,*I cringed at the thought of seeing someone my friend had already fucked, knowing very well it had quite possibly already happened, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Let me add, that before this, I never saw the same girl twice, not that I didn't consider, but I had a different mentality when I first started playing around!

Anyways, on a beautiful fall day back in October 2016, I made the phone call to a one miss Journey. *Her pictures were great, and in person she was even better; a beautiful faced, natural blonde, tall with long tanned legs, and a sweet and charming personality to boot. *She made me feel at ease instantly, even though I could tell she was a little shy herself, as apparently she was normally just used to seeing regulars. Our half hour extended to an hour, and our hour went over by about twenty minutes (which I was not charged for) *We laughed. We fucked, we 69ed, we showered together, we came (me anyways) we chatted. A LOT, but the conversation was amusing, and I realized she was passionate about people in general, and quite a smart young lady!

So a week goes by, my friend asks me how my visit with Journey went, and I told him great, and left it at that. I’ve never been one to go into details about my romantic or sex life, as it takes away the personal aspect of it for me.
I found myself pondering over the thought of if I should see her again, and sure enough, I lasted 12 whole days before I made my next appointment.
So fast forward to 2019, 3 years later, and she has been my one and only goto girl almost weekly since that day back in October. My friend has no idea, unless him and Journey have sworn to secrecy that they will never tell me that they in fact do discuss me! But I don't believe that's the case. I know he still sees her, not as often as I, but it makes the whole situation more complicated than it already is.

The reason I have a hard time posting about her specifically, is because we have grown to be friends more than anything. The occasional text outside of "business" related matters, checking in to see how one another is, following up on our prior conversations we had from previous visits, and even some inside jokes and pictures are shared. She really does know how to make me smile, wether with her words, or her touch, she knows what she is doing.

My other reasons for not wanting to spill all the deets, include that if she has made any one of you feel as great as she makes me feel, I didn't feel it was my place to take that away from you.

I have a very strong hankering that the reason there are much fewer posts about her than there should be, is because her regulars intend to keep her a minimal service provider, and don’t want to share their little secret with the rest of us; me included.

I don't know if reading responses to this post (if there are any) would lead me to feel jealous or sad or maybe feel not alone or what, but I do think the only way I can determine my feelings of confusion would be to share this with my fellow friends who indulge in the SP world.
I'm sure she may know who this is when I type this post, so out of respect for her, I won’t b e sharing the details of our sessions. That being said, I have had a conversation or two about her thoughts and feelings on reviews, and she definitely takes them light heartedly, and could care less if there are any. She knows it comes with the territory.

So no, I’m not going to be that dick who judges a female from head to toe. She may not be perfect, but none of us are, and lets be serious. I’d say a good 90% of us, are a 1 or 2 on the average SP scale for looks. I will say, I have seen her go through many changes, both mentally, physically, and career wise. Anyone who may know her, and has for awhile, will probably know what I’m talking about. If you’re looking for a young, tiny, super fit, perfect body barbie doll, she will not be for you. If you’re what I call "a real man with half a brain", then you would most likely adore her.
She is all natural, has had a child, but what she calls her "mom body" has totally grown on me. I’m not a hot cup of tea myself, so I’m not entirely comfortable being with the "perfect ten" whatever that may be. She advertises as curvy, which id say is a fair statement. She is by no means a big girl, just more solidly built. She has always been beyond clean, head to toe, knows exactly what she is doing in terms of teasing and flirting. She kisses incredibly, I could go down on her for a veryyyyy longgg time, she thoroughly enjoys giving oral, she is definitely a freak and a girl next door wrapped into one package. Before her, I barely knew my balls or prostate existed, and without that type of foreplay I receive from her, sex would never be the same.

I think I have some type of deeper feelings than I ever intended for this one, so maybe her semi retirement has come at a good time, so I can wean myself off. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? what did you do? She said we could continue to see each other as long as she is single, and it works with her work and school schedule, but I don't ever want to be that person who is keeping someone in the business whilst they are trying to move forward; which ultimately I know she is.

I’ll finish with this: It’s been quite a great Journey
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Jul 27, 2014
Don't get offended because I can't read anything that is more than one paragraph long. I love jokes but even if a joke is more than ten lines long...... i skip it.

If you are talking about Journey who worked in Burnaby (Willingdon and Hwy 1 area close to where Athena Lust worked) and then Van for a while, all I have got to say is that I found her very very attractive. The only reason why I never repeated her is that she was always on and off. She would be advertising and the she would be off the scene for months.

I think you ARE talking about her. An amazing kisser. An incredibly tasty V between her legs and a great GFE, from what my 50+ brain can remember.


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May 18, 2019
She is back and awesome. I saw her a couple of times so far. And I have to say she is the best GFE I have ever had. So so beautiful . She knows how to make you feel desired and like home.
We started with some flirting and amazing kisses . Then into the shower. Oh god, I could drain a lake and still will be craving for more time with sweet Journey grabbing me everywhere and kissing me like there is no tomorrow.
Went back to the bed and she went down to bussines. Amazing CBJ , she knows what she is doing down there giving deep throat like a pro.

Then she ride me like a champ and I have to say , looking at that beautiful face gets me turn on and on and on. Also the mirror on the side is very useful for looking at her lovely figure.

We end up doggy ( my favourite ) . Her pussy feels amazing and her tanned back looks sexy as f.

We end up chatting a little and cuddling . I would say , if you are into sweet caring blonds that enjoy what they are doing , Journey is your girl.


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Feb 2, 2007
After like 2 years of trying I was finally able to see Journey last week. I’ll just echo what these fellas said, she is great, warm, welcoming, and easy to talk to.

Looks: pics are accurate, judge for yourself, her face prettier than I expected (she says she hears that a lot)
Attitude: 9 - super nice and friendly and into it
Service: 8 - she’s good at all of it, really enjoyed making out, services were covered
Overall: 8.5 - I enjoyed my time and would both recommend and repeat


Jul 27, 2018
Honestly, for me, it was as close to fucking Betty off of riverdale as ill ever get. So, she is very attractive, knows it, gets it a lot and can come and go as she pleases.

Being a true, nordic, blonde, Betty I guess she knows blondes do get more fun.

I first saw her in 2012, would see her every week if I could.
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