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  • Called the Grandview $85.00 dayrate no questions asked...
    awesome ... I think it suits me the best. .. thanks a lot buddy !!!

    I have been trying to see this lady for ever but we just couldn't arrange a place .. I owe you one.
    Pretty sure they will help you they need the business, I used to see a regular there never had issues they knew what she was working...
    Just give them a call and ask
    Its a pretty basic room but its quite discrete there...
    Pretty sure either the Best Western on King George will work with you, there is also the Grandview Inn but its pretty basic... Seen Ladies at both places with no hassles...

    Good luck let us know how it goes!
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    I think I like location of Grandview Inn. Do they have hourly rates?
    I am very nervous about it, but I don't wanna miss the chance to hook up with this lady either.
    Hey Babe, I probably forgot to log out. Yes, the inbox was full.. I have deleted some messages...

    Now you can massage, oops, message me all you want. :)
    shouldnt you be sleeping, young man
    ps ...you need to clear your inbox babe. its full
    , there is an app called text now. its free it gives you a permanent phone number or you can make it change everytime. so long as you have a phone with access to wifi you dont need to pay for another phone at all either use it through your existing phone or a dead cell phone (not active)
    THANKS BABE...YEAH just banned from the lounge and i guess my credit card was stolen by a "friend" so my advertising fee was declined :(
    not much point paying too be here iif im not allowed to participate anyways i guess
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