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brittany revew I want to halicinate green fairys and fuck them .

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May 1, 2006
this review is going to be a bit different as some things happened that where a bit off the normal path which where due to some actions i took so first I will discuss the sex aspect of the evening in very plain language then i will get to the other stuff This is supposed to be a positive review Brittany did a good job under some unusual and trying conditions that i created.

other stuff that happened because of some actions that i took that where a bit of a mistake .

as for the sex cost of a one hour encounter two hundred dollars i gave her a bit more cash think it might have been forty dollars as i wanted to experience the famous Brittany bare back blow job

this encounter lasted over 3 hours due to the other stuff that i will get to further down

sex acts preformed Brittany let me edge her I masturbate her with a vibrating glove sex toy The fukuoku five finger massage glove. A bit of mild s&m involved in this I brought her almost to orgasm three times then pulled the sex toy away and would not let her orgasm until number 3

Her swearing and frustration and what seemed to be almost genuine anger where fantastic . When daddy finally did let Brittany cum ( bit of role play that i will discuss below ) she soaked the sheets and ejaculated all over my hand .

next was a bare back blow job followed by cow girl then a hand job more cow girl and doggy after pounding away at my erect penis for about ten to twenty min ( i have a porno penis problem can get erect but I genuinely have trouble ejaculating inside a girl not Brittany's fault ) she told me to ejaculate on her breast which i did .

this was followed by Brittany giving me a hickey I don't know if it was role play " little girl Brittany " or she genuinely did not know what a hickey was . Yes i asked for one

Okay the other stuff when i phoned Brittany she told me she was menstruating so that she would Olney be able to provide oral sex on January third so we set a date for Thursday at 8 pm .

Brittany was very eager to please anything i mentioned she would jump right on the opportunity to service a possible fetish and went into elaborate story'a about her services for a specific fetish

I would describe her behavior as similar to a small puppy who just wants to be loved yet does not know how to fetch a ball or stick yet but jumps up and down trying to lick your face .

example I asked her if she had any legal addictions that needed to be taken care of to help her relax she mentioned smoking and I told her i would be willing to purchase a pack of cigarettes for her right away she started to describe how she would be willing to fulfill my " smoking fetish " i had to tell her to slow down in By telling her Brittany this is not a sex thing i just don't want you thinking about needing whatever while we have our time together .

she also mentioned alcohol a bottle of wine I told her I had some high quality Swiss absinthe that i waned to share with someone ( mistake number one) I did not realise how alcohol would affect her I strongly suspect the poor girl had not eaten in a very long time and a small amount of 75 percent alcohol on an empty stomic is a very bad idea .

I suggested that I would like her to role play a little girl i meant in the bedroom but Brittany went all out on this one she told me the gas station where to get the cigarettes for her i told her I was going to the gas station first to get her ciggerttes what i got was a very pretty scared frightend little girl with pigtails who called me daddy " Daddy you have no idea how long i have been waiting for you" 10 min real time I told her to please stop the role play till we got . to the bedroom she wanted coca cola soft drink for the absinthe I told her i had Perrier water but she insisted on coca cola She did stuff like this all night I suspect she was playing a brat or something and was expecting me to publicly spank her something we did not discuss .
I told her i had paid the cab fair to the gas station but i did not have any ready cash to pay the cab driver the fair to Brittany apartment her solution to the temporary financial crisis I WILL SHOW HIM MY TITS .

Me no Brittany bad idea very very bad idea I don't know what she said to the cab driver but they made some sort of deal and he was very calm . she also spoke his language she is multi lingual .

she wanted to drink the absinthe immediately and after one ounce of 75 % alcohol was drunk for the rest of the night after I got her off with the glove above she told me she really needed to recover she also asked me if i had brought any " normal alcohol " i told her I had wanted to purchase a bottle of wine as well I got dressed she was unable to find the cigarettes i had purchased for her and was looking in all kinds of strange places where i did not see her go in her small apartment by the way she has a cat the cat is very good and stayed very quiet i forgot totally about its existence until Brittany yelled at it for damaging the furniture so we went out to get booze and ciggarets Brittany kept a running dialogue telling me every aspect of her life boyfriend troubles where she worked when she was not escorting and so on . again i don't know if this was acting if that's what it was like to have a daughter I am soo glad i am a single man . She then went into a discussion about being a whore and that someone should shove a battery up her ass because that's all she was was a human sex toy . After which she asked me to critique her performance for a role as an insane nurse in some local play that the whole battery whore line was from .

we went to get the wine and Brittany was looking for a suitable bottle I asked her what she was looking for specifically she said something in a white whine with high alcohol content I told her that generally wine does not in fact have a high alcohol content so she then said she wanted rum and gin that is when daddy put his proverbial foot down and told Brittany she could get either rum or gin but not both . she decided on gin.
we got back to the apartment and she completed everything i had asked with a lot of extra effort put in on the blow job and the cow girl and doggy . After this she was upset that she could not see green fairy's she wanted to hallucinate a bunch of green fairs and fuck them I got most of the stuff decided to take with me save one absinthe glass I was not worried I left Brittany with a whole bunch of condoms and lube a lot of which i had gotten for free at nice circles the evening ended with her giving me a hickey and the sentence from her about wanting to hallucinate and have sex with the green fairy's .

bottom line Brittany looks exactly like her pictures is very eager to please puts in a full effort just make sure she stays sober .
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Apr 14, 2015
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Wow. Better call rehab. I try to avoid sex, drugs and rock and roll...maybe alcohol too, all at the same time. One or the other is generally a bad experience.

Jethro Bodine

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Poor girl. She has some significant issues.
Hopefully she deals with them before they deal with her.
Sounds like a girl that some may like but not for everyone.
Not to be an alarmist but IMHO scenario's like the OP's can turn quickly into bad scenes (she passes out and chokes on her own vomit or freaks out/hallucinates and pulls a knife on you).
Glad to hear nothing like that happened.



In the air again.
Apr 14, 2015
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Nothing happened at the time, but you have to worry what happens after you leave. Some will say "not my problem" but you're a contributor. In a situation such as this best to say we can do this some other time.


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Nov 12, 2017
Happy this all worked out sounds like you had a fun time however, it is also a recipe for major disaster.
I would have to agree with the other fellows on the post that there are so many X factors that can go a-rye when mixing all of the pieces .
Although she looks cute and sounds like she was into it , it seems she may have some other issues that hopefully she can deal with to become healthy and happy.
Thanks for sharing
Nov 22, 2013
There are so many points in this story where I would paid $50 bucks and said "I got an early day tomorrow, I'm gonna head home" that I lost count. In fact I would have passed when she said that it was 'shark week'.
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Dec 3, 2015
I found this review kind of hard to read due to the lack of punctuation. However. People on drugs are way to unpredictable. I’ve found my self in situations like this in my early days of poonimg. Can’t take your safety for granted.


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Feb 24, 2010
I don't understand why a long time member like researcher, who has probably read some of the horror stories, would agree to any of this on a first time encounter. If you get in trouble down the road, you only have yourself to blame.
Dec 9, 2012
I’ve met her and she’s definitely not the type of girl you should be getting drunk. Also the idea that you did buy her alcohol and got her drunk to the point that she was hallucinating is a bit disturbing.


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Nov 14, 2015
This thread went sideways as soon as I saw her photos and never straightened back out. Come on, have some respect for yourself and women in general.
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