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A very important message from PERB

Fred Zed

May 11, 2002
Ok as we are getting settled into 2018 I want to go over some of our new year resolutions over here at PERB. As mentioned previously, we are going to have increased moderation on the forums this year. The reason being, we are getting many many complaints from members about the very hostile environment from both trolls and senior members on this board. The flame throwing and insults are going to stop, and I don’t care if we have to hand out bannings like lollipops. Its going to stop. Concerns :

1) Using this or other review boards as a threat or blackmail to obtain services that the girl doesn’t provide or to get back at her for any reason. You will be banned permanently, no matter how long you have been a member here.

2) When a new member asks a question, no matter how silly it might seem to you, anybody answering him sarcastically or in an unwelcoming, degrading or condescending manner you will be banned., and I don’t care how long you have been on this board. EVERYONE started at post number 1 and newbies should not feel unwelcomed here. It is crucial for the long term health of the forum.

3) Jumping all over reviews because you don’t agree with them or suspect them of being a shill. It’s the reviewer’s opinion, you weren’t there. Guys that openly call out shills will be banned. If you don’t agree with it, don’t book the lady but keep the comments to yourself or communicate to your buddies by PMs. Guys are afraid to post reviews here for the fear of being flamed. Shills are always evident, members are not stupid, there is no need for you to comment. You might be scaring off a legitimate reviewer.

4) Calling somebody a White Knight because he happened to have had a good time with a lady that got a negative review. Reviews are open to everyone for comment. A negative review is not only for everyone to comment who also had a bad experience. That’s ridiculous. Review comments are open to everyone, a member should not be afraid to give his experience no matter what it was, for the fear of being flamed. Everyone has the right to reply to any review.

5) Reviews are to be informative, truthful and written respectfully without trying to degrade or hurt the SP. Guys that write comments because they have a vendetta or an axe to grind will be banned.

6) The overall tone in the lounge must change. There are too many trolls and guys with sour attitudes. Take your negativity, and abusive nature elsewhere. Guys that attack other members will be banned.

Sounds ambitious? I don’t think so. With increased moderation and your help, we can make this the best online community in Canada. How can you help ? FLAG POSTS THAT BREAK OUR GOALS ABOVE. Don’t be afraid to flag a post. It alerts the mods and we will deal with it asap. On the bottom of every post there is a little symbol in the shape of a triangle. Click on the triangle and voice your concern.

We have moderators for a reason. Don't take matters into your own hands and attack the original poster, that will lead to you being banned. Flag the post, let the mods do their jobs
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