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    Please delete my account., thank you.
    Hi Fred, please delete my account. Thank you
    Hi there, I would like to advertise again but I lost access to the email associated with this account and emailed you from a new one. Hopefully this doesn't confuse things too much.
    Hi Fred, Please delete my account
    Hi Fred. Please delete my account
    HI Fred -

    Just some feedback on the new site. When I hit New Posts now I"m getting a range of Posts, some from just a few minutes ago, to some months ago. Am I doing something wrong? Have things changed? Thanks,

    I noticed that also. I like to just search my name to see if anything new about me or my girls and its completely out of order. You have to do an advanced search and click on "order by date" to get the posts chronologically. It would be nice if there was somewhere to make that the default for quick search. .
    Hello Fred, I am new and i want to advertise on this website i have tried to do it but really it does not work your link said click here to advertise but it just loops and goes no where. please help.
    Hey Fred,

    Could you delete my account please? I'm trying to take my life in a different direction and this account if one of the things that has to go.


    P.S. I tried to private message you but it didn't work
    I sent you a pm and it came back blank. I also sent another but I cannot see it in my sent box. I tried to send an e-transfer for advertising but I need a phone number for the recipient.

    I also feel very bad as I was not aware that I could not reply on threads without paying for advertising which I am trying to do. I replied to a thread about myself and left out anything to do with services, costs, etc, just to be mindful. But I got a pm stating that the replies were removed because I have to pay to make replies; I did not know and I am very sorry.

    Best Regards,

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