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Apr 3, 2008
Took me a really long time to finally find the time to do a review for Zayla at SVIP. I have been working a lot and don't have much time to do anything else but it is important to do a review for her because she is just awesome and I mean awesome in every way possible. Let's get the obvious thing out of the way. If you like her pictures, she is absolutely stunning in person. I kept thinking that I have seen her some where before and it finally dawns on me now that she reminds me of Tyra Banks. Beautiful face, long blond hair, slim physique. You can tell she really took the time to prepare for the appointment. Her makeup and styling is so meticulously done, she is ready to walk the runway in Paris. I particularly love the way she did her eyelashes.. She looks adorable when she bats her eyes at you and giggles.

Zayla is very young but she is quite a prodigy in the art of companionship. She is genuine, sexy, caring, positive, enthusiastic, a great listener and fun conversationalist. She is very attentive and tries to do everything for you. You have her full attention and it really makes you think you are the last and only person in the world. I really mean it. Zayla's work ethic is amazing! I have never seen anyone as dedicated to their work as Zayla. I am just so grateful for her companionship and I really think she is just the most amazing human.

Also she is very skilled at everything she does. The whole experience just doesn't feel real because she is just too wonderful.


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Aug 14, 2009
She is just as hot in person, and just walking down the street. She has such a unique look that it was hard not to notice her in a crown when I run into her. I respected her private time and didn't say hi. Sometimes it's amazing how different SP's look when just strolling around. But I think her looks is part of her personality, not just a character for the business.

I will say that the kissing was not as enjoyable as with some others as SVIP. I love kissing, and my favourite girls are those that really get into the make out session, and don't feel like they're trying to guard their emotions. But whereas some may guard by going too light, she felt too porn star like. I guess when it comes to kissing I prefer it feels like a girlfriend more so than a porn star.
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