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We are naked and live in glass houses!!!


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May 4, 2013
There is some thing to think about
That in reality we are walking around naked .all most everything hanging out. And if you think you have have privacy in your home or apt. , think again .

You say it is not so . Yap we all usually where close when out about . We where many different styles to do money different activities or just out on the town or a walk around the block. We dress to impress or to show our attributes, and others just dress to be comfortable and warm or cool , what ever the weather dictates.
But a we show a lot of how we look or want to hide by what we wear.
I would have to say women more so then men show or inhanse there physical appearance through clothes but it all to show how they would look naked or how they would like to look naked. And us males can use are imagination to fill in the naked image ��.Like wise the women are eyeballing the males that they are attracted to .undressing them just as much men do to them. In fact I would say that some people would be quite happy to walk down the street naked if we're accepted in there area and cultures. That is why we have the nudes lifestyle villages and beaches.

It is true that we don't all look that appeal to naked and many are really out-of shape and other physical disabilities they like to hide.But an observant person see it all and all though my not judge , still basically sees people naked.

As for the glass houses , and side from lot of windows in today homes and we all most live on top if each other , that makes it easy to see and here much of what goes on with are nabour and vise versa we are not hiding much from some one that has any interest it hat happening around them .
Apartment are by far more obvious. There is only 6 inches of wall separating you from your nabour on each side and 6 tob10 inches of floor from above and below .You allways will here something .You usually know when they are in the bathroom or bed room and there comings and going in the hall . Arguments and parties usually echo through the walls and hall and if you pick up the tents different living traits you and guess or perhaps just assume you know what going lol .it might just be that but it bus entertaining or could be concerning..

The walls and clothes are just an illusion we stand behide to makes us feel safe or put up a presence. But very little is hiden in this world .and weather your nabour or a strange see that you are naked before them and they can see the goings in beside your four walls ..that really has to do with how perceptive they are or if they care bout any one else or any thing else ..It is not that we should just willing assume we have the right to invade other people's space , we don't and like wise other people's nakedness of emotion and actions should not be forcesinto our space .We have a right to be naked unto ourselves .but it not the easiest thing to hide in our society today. .

Aside from our obvious attitudes of putting vital all out there or not caring what others think..we all so put our selves under constant servaliance Though mutable sources. Any thing that we do Inot public spaces is probliable capture on a camera from some servaliance service. Any thing we do on our cell phone or computer is reported and stored some where, by the phone company or Internet provider and the companies that we do business with like banks and online shopping. And of course our porn viewing or down loads are recorded and scrutinized with out our consent or knowledge.

And that there is how we bare all on social media like Facebook and chat boards like this.

We are naked .and we have to watch what we show to others. That can be very aparent with partaking of this hobby as per say.
I per example live in a small bachelor suit I rent from some one I know .even though I met vehemently through this business and even let vehemently use my place on occasion to work from .I still don't have a very sound proffered suit, thou it is brand new theyv seemed to for got the sound proofing. So for me I here much of what goes on the room next to me as they here my sounds.
I have to keep the sound down on the porn I watch and seldom have it had a escort over because someone might here that John is having sex with someone. And it is not convenient for them to know that.
Allso any mother sounds I make from just watching TV or the microwave buzzer going off to the fact that I get up at 430 all most everything morning , shave , shower and do my thing in the toilet..it all heard by those a joining room.. And if I hack and cough or fart it all heard andlike wise I here much of the going on in some of the areas of there place.
I admit it not a very privet space...I have had better when I could afford alarger quality aptment. And even when I lived in my truck for a while parking on the street I felt I had more privacy lol.

On the other hand I lived at home with my parent for much of 50 yrs and all though I had my own place.there was usually others in the house that I shared living , dining kitchens and bath rooms with and also heard all that was talked about and shared with them ..So a total private world is something I only had for a few yrs of my life. Anditcwas while living in my in those apt. That I realized that there were strangers only a few feet away from me in a sense we were shareing parts of out space and experiences with vicariously though glass walls.

Of course there is the most obvious nakedness which we expose ourselves to when with another person in this case I mean women that we see from the escort business .We both our naked with each other in more ways then one..and that part of the reason I do it and enjoy it . Because being naked it thought , emotion and physically .is a place of freedom from all those confines of society and personality that we each find our selves place in and some times traped .
Seeing some one in a sexually and a personal intimacy that we might find some time..And even the honest that we find when you get to know each other.. That honest can be that you know you are just there for an hour if fun nothing more and she is just seeing because it about needing the money or the life style money brings..but there usually is a little more to it all that I find goes farther then the hour we pay for .at least I found that true for me..And when it come to truly bing naked and open about who I am the places and people I have come closest to that state are the escort I have seem over and over and that became friends. At that point we some times know tomuch about each other and things do change .Some times we can not be naked in front of each other any more .and what I was happy to find I have list a few times.
There is something to be said when you have some anonymity from each other ,you may find it easy to be naked in front of them ,naked it the way you act different with them then you do in your other personas. And at the same time still do totally exposing or exspressing all of who you really are. .
Sometimes true nakedNess brings out all the other stuff we hide about the inner ID..And find ourselves judging our motives and others. Which is a quick path to reevaluate our selfish motivation ,our attitudes and like wise others.

That's what can happen when you stand naked before another person or the world. The judgement of the world masses can be harsher but the judgement of someone you love and care about can cause you to attemp to hide your nakedness once more .from every one.

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Jul 25, 2006
...in that case please keep your drapes closed........

...........at my age I'm not sure my system could handle the shock.....

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Mar 7, 2013
Vancouver, BC
Haha all you need to do is email me for a date, then no show, or don't respond, but you'll know where I'm at LOL
Um what's your address and what floor are you on, I know a guy with a telescope who has X's with times marked on his windows, there are some great shows happening!


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Nov 22, 2008
its a common theme in philosophy,
that we all hide behind a mask,
there is a uniform or a shield we put on to hide our true self.

I can't remember nietzhe is where I think came across this line of thinking, but its out there.

I was at the mall on the weekend I rarely go to the mall,
I hate the mall,

I people watched.
I think the more you have to hide behind clothes or tats or some sort of façade that you have created for yourself.
the less you actually have.

talking to some bankers and finical people they agree,
people wearing lots of bling and a big fast car, are usually broke or leveraged to their eyeballs

some guy in torn jeans and a beater, is the guy with the most money
or the most confident
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