Honey Harlotte



Oct 15, 2008
Sorry there's a error in the subject line that I can't seem to correct. It should read CASEY MAY

Casey May works as an independent SP and advertises occasionally on L List. She's a full time student so she's not available much of the time.

She is incredibly delightful and I've seen her a few times before. You can imagine my happiness/excitement when she answered yes to my request that she brave the heavy snow and come to my place for an hour outcall.

She arrived bundled up from the cold and snow but with that beautiful smile showing through the heavy hooded coat. A long warm passionate DFK was the greeting that got my blood flowing very quickly.

We settled in with drinks to chat and catch up before the bed time activities gradually progressed to a wild wonderful sexual encounter. Not only is this lady skilled, she is a very willing participant, eager to please and try new adventures that were so very vey exciting and pleasing.

I think she is very pretty , with a gorgeous face and smile. She is tall with long beautifully legs and lovely natural breasts with nipples that love a gentle touch. Certainly a complete package and the perfect personality to set off a great visit. Not only is she a skilled SP I find her great to talk with, she's certainly informed and educated.

Oh yes, there will be more visits with Casey May. I have to thank her for making the effort to come out during a heavy snow storm. One of the best if not the best in my books.
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