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Robert Audley

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Jul 9, 2008
I was going to start this review apologizing and feeling guilty for not writing this review before but then I realized that I’m sure I'm not the only one: there must be more than a few around these parts not wanting to share Toni because there are no reviews on her and that’s just criminal! Toni must be the best kept-secret in town.

Here's a confession: this is what turns me on the most about someone (anyone): their intelligence. That's my favourite and most effective aphrodisiac. And that's the main reason Toni is my top provider. Now, I’m not talking about the intelligence that memorizes facts and/or repeats things she's read or heard; I'm talking about raw intelligence, the kind that allows a person to think and process and ponder any kind of information. I've heard the expression "smart as a whip" countless times, but often people use it very loosely. Toni fits the expression to a T. Trust me: you can hear the whip snap! Here's the best bit: perhaps the way Toni shows that intelligence more frequently is through humour. Toni has a wicked sense of humour: she's witty, and saucy, and sharp. Sorry, I'm going to correct myself; here’s really the best bit: despite that intelligence and that wicked sense of humour, she's down to earth, friendly, and approachable. She puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. That beautiful smile...

Now at this point you're probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned her looks. Well, because to me that's secondary given her level of intelligence. But if you really need to know (and you probably really need to know): she’s a stunner. There’s been a few threads around here asking for the provider with the prettiest face and nobody has ever mentioned Toni! (Another reason I know people are keeping information! C'mon people!). Toni is beautiful, head to toe. And when I say head to toe, that’s exactly what I mean: head to toe, and everything in between. Those eyes...

"And what about the rest?", you may ask, "the rest, you know... (*wink* *wink*)." Well, I don’t like giving too many details (because as always, YMMV), so let me summarize succinctly: she's fiery and passionate and fiery (yes, that's two times fiery).

So if you ever have the pleasure, make sure you bring your wits and eat your cheerios.
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Thanks for the review. Toni is a well reviewed escort under a couple of names. See her while you can cus she usually doesn't hang around the biz for long stretches.
I remember when she first started for an agency that's no longer in business and she had stellar reviews then.


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Oct 19, 2018
I just saw Toni today for a 30 minute session and all I can say is wow. She is super super sexy. Very slim and petite with lovely smaller C cups (B cups) perky breasts. She is a beautiful woman. She had a big smile when I got there and knew just how to get me to rise to the occasion. I won't give all the details but just let it be said that after all was said and done she remarked " well that was quite a workout" and she was right in there with her sweet sweet side and then her naughty side. Highly Highly recommended...
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