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The Amazing Emmy St. Claire


Dec 8, 2008
Emmy St. Clair is a well-reviewed Victoria based escort. I have had the good fortune to have had her company on three different occasions, including very recently. Being from Vancouver, I am lucky enough to have business in Victoria that allows me to see her every few months (now, I look for reasons to have to spend the night rather than scoot for the ferry).

Looking at earlier reviews, it is hard to find new adjectives to describe this amazing little ball of fire. She is a low-volume provider and I believe she genuinely takes delight in what she does. I would describe her as having a delicious combination of classy eroticism along with a mischievous desire to explore her raw sexuality. Think of the innocent look of Audrey Hepburn, Winona Ryder or Natalie Portman dressed up in hot lingerie who suddenly talks dirty and pleasures you breathless. Each time I have seen her, I have a better experience and stronger desire to see her again (the opposite of most escorts I have seen). I am not a blow by blow guy and YMMV with your attitude and hygiene – her services and restrictions are all listed on her web site (
but, whatever they are besides the obvious (safe and covered services), I don’t notice them. For me, it is a true GFE with Emmy, including the intelligent chat, wicked sense of humour and passionate interactive sex.

Emmy is probably not for everyone, especially if you prefer voluptuous women or don’t need to feel there is a connection to have great sex. She is a true class act who will be appreciated by gentlemen who like the idea of encountering a worldly woman who takes you on a sexual adventure.

Finally, this is my first review so there are those on PERB who will automatically call shill – so, please use search, and read the other reviews – there are a lot of them, which helped me find her in the first place. Emmy does not need a shill review.


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Nov 6, 2007
Very well written......and I would agree. She is a class act,a truly remarkable lady, in every aspect.


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Aug 18, 2006
Land of the living skies
Good review.......


Sep 5, 2008
Emmy is class personified. I have seen her a few times and every experience was a memorable one.
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