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Apr 3, 2008
Taylor's pictures look really great and for some reasons, I imagine she is as tall as me if not taller. She is listed as 5'3 and she is in great shape. She is fit and her curve is very sexy. She has a very innocent and girl-next-door look. By "girl-next-door" look, what I really mean is at one point when we were chatting, I thought I was talking to Riley Reid kind of "girl-next-door". She is very relaxed and immediately makes me feel comfortable with her presence. She is warm and mischievous so we had a really great time together. I won't discuss her extra openly but you can PM me if you would like to check. I am a lot more open-minded now in a way that I have a better time going with the flow set by the ladies instead of having a list of things I want to check off. I actually learn something new when I just let go of control and expectation, e.g. being choked by certain lady for the first time (not by Taylor thou). Of course, you want to do this with someone that can be trusted and hopefully very attractive as well. Back to Taylor. I love her innocence and how comfortable she is with the pace. It is as real of a GFE as you could possibly get. She has a very sweet smile and I really enjoy her company.

Now that I have been to IF a few times, I can certainly provide a little more feedback on the agency. First, I will say the staff there is very professional and courteous. Every inquiry is responded in a timely and professional manner. If they say they will check and get back to me, they actually did. As for the "line up", first it is not a line up. You meet the service provider one at a time in a private room. It is done in such a welcoming and respectful manner, I think it is good for the providers and for the clients. I didn't have the chance make an appointment with Rose, but she definitely left a lasting impression on me when she walked into the room to say hi. All the girls I met are very comfortable with the situation and they all seem quite happy. There is real cost to arrange those meetings as the ladies have to perhaps brush up on hair and make-up, dress up or undress, get ready to meet, meet the client and then do this multiple times in a day. Those 5 minutes preparation and meet time can really add up. I would say it does justify for a higher rate. Also most business (unless you are in essential goods and medical field, or you own Zoom) have to make enough with a lot less volume, you tend to see the price going up. The one hour donation for SU, SVIP, and IF are really not that far off. Interestingly, the fox den in Vancouver only had a 25 increase for their one hour donation in the last 10 year. I could be wrong but I think they were at 3 double zero for the longest time. To be perfectly honest, volume is really not a good thing for the service providers and the clients in such a unique field. I never want to see an over-worked service provider. It is simply not right. I assume everyone here read the escort chapter in SuperFreakonomics over and over since its publication in 2009. Thou some of the base assumptions and paradigms have changed (eg internet platform has empowered more escorts to go independent), the basic supply-and-demand idea still holds and there is always more demand than supply since the dawn of our species and that tends to move the equilibrium point upwards.