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Prof. John
Nov 12, 2014
I wanted to put a post separate to the reply I made to Snowplows "The PLOWS" excellent review of Fenix of Sweet VIPs ,SVIP. If you want sings like her statistics Etc do a search of her name on PERB as this post wants to highlight not only Fenix , but the team that Harvi has put together with her Frontline phone girl Claire and my most desired girl Luna as this agency continues to blow my mind as well as other things. I have a feeling only Harvi might get that and plow and maybe a few more however Redan and make sure you book a few of the ladies at SVIP
You know how wordy I can get but this girl has left me speechless and worn out. I have to first tip my hat to Harvi for this lady runs the most amazing business I would suggest in Canada. When I call and if the girl I'm hoping to get is not working (Luna) I have no hesitation to take the recommendation of Claire , VIPs humble professional Matchmaker . Harvey brings together exactly what her website advertisers and in the golden years of my play time I'm certainly glad to a settled in Victoria and found this agency .
So here I was Saturday night 8:40 and I figured take a shot C if I could sneak in a quick round of pitch and putt before the night ends. Well my fav wasn't there and I was going to wait until I heard Claire make a suggestion. I told her time was running short and she knows my preference so I asked her of the tooth she suggested I needed to be introduced to the one she feels I would be most compatible with. No time to check the website and no time to check perb I said book me in with Fenix, I'll take my chances.
And Plow I hadn't even read your review but somehow the John gods we're working and I had to be there in 20 minutes. Unfortunately a few things cause my delay and upon arriving I was only able to have a half hour and in my world that's not even enough time for the introduction yet alone the appetizer. When the door opened and I saw this goddess of a lady smiling at me with the most welcoming eyes I thought I was dreaming. Once we were in the room I had to figure out how to get more time and ask her if there was any chance she would still willing to do an outcall and lo and behold I was able to arrange for the 90-minute I'll call after the first half hour session. During that first 30 minutes I would like a Schoolboy in a candy shop not believing my eyes and holding back knowing not too far off she would be in my place and in my bed. Holy cow where did this girl come from. 5 months in the business but what makes escort is what makes an oscar-winning actress. They just are. They're not trying to be an escort and they're not trying 2 perform and they're not trying to prop themselves up and act in a way we think we want they are just being who they are.Harvi has a nack for hiring ladies that fit this mold. Once back at my place a 7-course meal unfolded at a five-star restaurant or a Michelin 4 star whichever you prefer. These last number of years I've had me expanding my experiences with these beautiful young ladies and Fenix just kept getting hotter and Wilder and more passionate and seductive as the time went on. I can't describe how amazing with me being a voyeur this lady looks. I had to stop myself from looking as so many wonderful qualities from her attire jewelry hair eyes seis body tips breast arms tattoos ask and most gloriously her,... Need I go on. I said I was going to keep this short but somehow I don't know how to do that because this lady is somebody I recommend because if you don't spend some time with her you've missed out. I will definitely see her again and I not wanting to diminish the experience because the two ladies offer unique things in their own ways yet Luna hopefully will be available the next time I call. Damn, I wish I win the lottery because even 90 minutes is becoming too short, LOL So Plow, keep sending those vibes because somehow you connected with me and introduced me to an amazing experience. Hopefully Harvi will have one of her social again and we can share face-to-face some of our stories but until then Keep On Keepin On
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Jul 15, 2008
Nakamun - thank you so much for sharing, your kind words, ongoing support of VIPS and the lovely ladies we have the pleasure of working with
- well, let's just say it puts you in a special class in our books. Also, we never get tired of hearing about the wonderful experiences shared and what it means to you.

Fenix and Luna are indeed fabulous, they both fully embody what SweetVIPS is all about and we love working with them. The ladies at VIPS are without a doubt the real deal,
for so many clients like yourself, the honest and positive energy the ladies bring to the table (or bedroom shall we say) - well there really is no comparison.

Thank you again for your kind words, I know the ladies were tickled pink to see this - I'm sure you are in for some extra cuddles and kisses (and maybe more)
next time you see them ;)

xoxoxo - ms.Harvi

ps = LOVED THIS "I have no hesitation to take the recommendation of Claire , VIPs humble professional Matchmaker "