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Sweet vip and siren


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Jan 23, 2019
Hello all.

First of all I do not post reviews as I do not do this that much so u can take this as you like.

I am a very pick person when it comes to women and when I choose to do this I am looking for the fantasy girl (in my mind) as this type of thing is really fulfilling fantasies.

So I decided to book with vip as I do a lot of research prior to meeting a girl and am looking for professionalism. VIP has done this in spades.

Now more importantly about siren. As I am not from Vic I must say you guys are lucky to be blessed with a girl like here I am lucky I do not live there is I would probably book her for the entire time she visits lol. She is exactly like her pics with little to no touch ups this girl is perfect. To me it’s not just the looks but the personality to go along with it. Siren delivers both to my highest expectations and I must say I have extremely high expectations.

Siren thank you so much for meeting me I greatly appreciate it and thanks as well to vip for being professional.

Siren if you read this please private msg me as I forgot something the last time we met.
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