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Dec 8, 2011
Her pictures are incredible! Can anyone verify if she is legit?
I know you're new and all but do a bit of reading and apply a bit of common sense. Think with your bighead first. It screaming "fake" all over it.

Hugh G Rekshun

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Nov 20, 2014
Her pictures are incredible! Can anyone verify if she is legit?
Welcome to the board, Rahs

Here is my basic approach to rooting out fakes, I will customize it as circumstances require:

I was intrigued by this ad too, and even though my now well-honed spider-sense said "fake" I did the due diligence anyway.

Spidey-sense: when she looks TGTBT, shows face, says is available 24/7, claims pics are 100% 1000% or 100000000% real (of course they are real pics, they just aren't really her), wants e-mail transfers, will only accept phone calls (no text or email)

Due diligence: 1) search on the phone# - look for other ads posted under that # with different handles (escort names), different sets of pics, and outside Canada. Lately this has been less productive because the ladies/pimps keep changing #s and using temp local #s

2) search on the handles on CAF and PERB for reviews - not always easy with common names like Ashley, Tiffany

3) Reverse Image Search on Tineye and Google - most productive avenue. Often you will find pics are ripped off from somewhere, were used outside Canada, are found in other ads with different handles, different phone#s and different locations

4) Search on these new phone#s - this often turns up a different set of pics and handles

5) Search on these new pics - even more phone#s and handles turn-up



Thanks very much Hugh. I searched the name here before I posted but nothing came up. I will use your tips from now on. The pictures were just so amazing you want them to be real.

I appreciate you taking the time to educate me. Cheers.
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