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Sps that specialize in premature ejaculation.


Jul 15, 2019
Hi guys. I'm working on my sober stamina. But basically I cum too fast lol. I can let out 2 shots minimum sometime 3 Lately. But the first 2 shots happen pretty quick.

Shot 1 less than a minute, shot 2 a minute or 2, shot 3 It takes some time to get me up but even then I'll last 5 min. This is from bbbj.

With penetration I just use my own ryhtm and condoms so the sensation is less. But when It comes to bbbj I just can't seem to hold it in. Sober no liquor.

Also any tips, tricks, and stamina training regimens you recommend.

If there's any SPs that specialize in this (premature ejaculation and stamina training) let me know. Thanks
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Jan 3, 2020
Not sure about who is available on the island. See a tantric or edging specialist, tell her what is going on going in. There are cock whisperers out there. You tell them you don’t want to cum until minute 59 of 60, that’s how it will go.


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Mar 18, 2018
Have you considered prepping for appointments by “releasing” on your own prior to meeting a SP? basically work a few out before meeting them?

Your ability to climax that quickly, repeatedly is amazing. For myself, once it happens I can continue fairly quickly but the second takes forever. There have been a few ladies that have been able, but it’s more about the moment than the physical ability for me to do multiples. Sometimes it’s so hot it happens.
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