Honey Harlotte

Skyler at VIP


Dec 21, 2012
Anyone seen Skyler at VIP?? If so how was the experience her pics look pretty good


New member
Nov 13, 2015
I saw her a few times last year, and today
When I walked in today, she was wearing the leggings I used to request almost a year ago
The fact that she remembered this is an example of how much she aims to please
After I’d had my shower, she began lavishing me with kisses, and didn't hold back
Again, this is an example of how open and enthusiastic she is
Then she reminded me of how talented she is at giving head
After I couldn’t take it any more, I pulled down her leggings and slid my tongue up her perfect ass
When it came time to put the condom on, my sexual dysfunction started acting up
This could have been humiliating. But again she impressed me with her professionalism, and resuscitated my dead libido
Once inside her, I came pretty fast, with a few minutes left on the timer
As we wrapped things up, her sweet demeanour left me in a good mood which still remains
I really appreciate the effort she put into all this. She does her job well, and has that look of adorability mixed with sexuality that just activates something primal
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