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Just got back from a 45 minute appointment with Skylar. She is nice and tall with a really healthy sunkist tan. The pics in her ad are her.
I'd have to say her most amazing asset was her legs, she's got beautiful dancers/ ice skaters legs! Body wise I would compare her to Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, she's got a beautiful ass connected to those legs.
She's got a girl next door look to her, pretty kinda Alicia Silverstone pout when I don't get my own way look too her,if that makes sense?
I only booked 45 minutes as it was our first time and it started out great with some very passionate kissing. No tongue but she has amazingly soft lips. She advertises a b cup, maybe an asian b cup, but such soft skin, I was kind of amazed considering she had that tan. Very responsive nipples.
Well on to the main coarse and let me tell you I wasn't dissapointed. Beautiful shaved kitty and once i unsheathed my tongue and went to work on her , she became very responsive and moist, not a squirter but she got really wet :) We were both really enjoying the daty that we nearly ran out of time after she came so I just told her a hand job would work for me, well it didn't take long from all that pent up sexual energy until I blasted all over her tits while we continued with the passionate kissing.
The only knock I had about the session is she just moved into this place in Quadra village and there was a lot of unpacked clothes all over the apartment, other than that, I'd repeat.


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Sep 15, 2013
I've seen her as well and I can concur on all of that! She is sexy sexy!!! There is just something about her!! The apartment leaves a little to be desired, but she certainly does not! Love the legs, ass, tits... hell the whole package!! I think she may be stoned most of the time, but I think it is probably just weed, I may be wrong though as she may just be a little quiet. I've repeated and will likely do it again!


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Forgot to ask - she advertises as having 'duos' available - any idea whom that might be?
The pics are rescent, just remember this girl is not a spinner. You'll be pretty dissapointed after the session if that's your expectation going into it..Like I said in my op, think more jlo in terms of body type. She was naked underneath her silk robe and she kept bending over in front of me and I gotta say it was driving me wild with those legs and that ass!
She's not much for conversation but I got the feeling that if I see her a few times she'll loosen up that way. The session itself was really good for me, again I think it can only get better once I've seen her a few times.
I'm not a duo guy so I didn't ask about her partner or her rates.
And yes it is the same girl. You have to take these reviews with a grain of salt, we're all different, each with our own likes and tastes
Cheers LD


Dec 27, 2003

How are Skylar's looks?

I seem to recall a post a while back saying she wasn't that attractive


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She looked fine to me? Her make up was nice. Kind of a Bob hair cut. Not a natural blonde. Girl next door kinda look. Didn't really remind me of any celebrity if that's what you're asking. I was too busy focusing on those legs and ass. She had this sexy blonde peach fuzz on her upper thighs so maybe she was a natural blonde?
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