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Aug 30, 2016
I had a chance to spend several hours with Siren recently, having first met her back in December, and everything I recall from that initial encounter was reinforced this time around. She is truly a warm, attentive, friendly, sensual and special person.

For reasons of my own, I maintain a strict "no fap" rule at all times, but it has been extraordinarily difficult to stick to that resolution this past week, as memories of Siren's passionate kisses, of her breathtaking body pressed up against me, and of her beautiful almond-shaped eyes smiling into mine, keep intruding, unbidden, on my thoughts. She has left me feeling, as the Eurythmics sang, "17 Again" ... just constantly aroused, and aching to see her a third time.

We talked a great deal, among other highly pleasurable activities, and she was open about her own desires and very accommodating of mine. For someone on the shy side, like myself, I can attest that she is a fantastic companion and conversationalist, with many stories to share of her world travels and remarkable experiences. And just before she departed, she showed off her dance skills and gave me a hint of the dozens of erotic poses possible with a classic Thonet bistro chair -- so I very much hope to see her again to learn more!

I've promised myself I can call SVIPs again in another week or two, just as soon as I meet one more deadline for work (otherwise, I'd get nothing done at all :)

And Siren, if you're reading this -- thank you, again, an amazing evening and for just being who you are. (Oh, and here's that EDM track I mentioned!)
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