Asian Fever

Sasha & Samantha 780 *** 1882


Jan 4, 2009
OMFG ... just done a duo with these to HOT babes...

found them on BP easy set up...couple
texts and done deal ... arrived at there apt, hide behind door thing , then OMFG two hotties standing there ( thank you god )

Sasha took the lead and asked if I was up for a duo , looking at Samantha ,, was a easy answer.... ladies poured me a drink , little small talk and was lead to bedroom... off with the laundry and things just got better from there ... Sasha had a little fur growing there , but just needed a manor trim ,,,,, nothing serious though ... oh and tasty and loved it ....

Was everything u can imagine with two amazing totally hot ladies ... Sasha is a totally awesome kisser, and has a very nice set of bolt ones ... loves to f**k ...she strokes me real good,, while they were making out ( they play very well together )...

Samantha ..... wow this chick is way to hot .... some of the nicest titts my lips have touched, I couldn't get enough of her shaved pussy, I could eat that for ever and ever .... she was a little shy in the DFK dept but was coming around at the
end of session ..

There not clock watchers at all .. booked 1 hr and was there 1 .15 min... for sure..... both were very very well worth the time and money

Service... 7-10 at least
Attitude 8-10
Service 8-10 .. all though I couldn't cum i was so busy making out and munching , almost forgot to do this

1 long hour for the duo 5**.00 but the best money I've spent foolishly in a long time,,,, ( chuckles )

Over all ..... REPEAT..... HELL YA .... especially with Samantha ,,,, only cause I love her titts and pussy

Both were very very nice ladies.................... oh I love my life
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