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Rylan at Island's Finest


Apr 3, 2008
I will talk about Rylan first as the agency part will be fairly lengthy.

Rylan is not yet listed on the IF's own website but has an ad on leolist under IF. She is listed as blond 26 Caucasian, 5'8, 140lb, with C cup and blue eyes. She is very attractive in person. I like to describe it as professional tennis player figure. Not a spinner but perfectly proportioned. She is very well traveled so the conversation is great. As IF is very secretive about communicating extras and menu, I will respect that here. If you would like to know the detail, feel free to PM me. I will say it does cost a bit more than others I have met. I am perfectly fine with paying more as they absolutely have the rights to decide what they want to do with their bodies. The only thing is I much prefer to know the cost in advance so I can have it all prepared before hand. Plus it is really hard to remember what's okay and what's not okay a few minutes before the session and you trying your best to remember what you were told but at the same time it is hard to remember because you are distracted as there is a super hot girl talking to you for the first and you just can't think. Overall I had a really great time with Rylan. She is quite beautiful with a great personality and very fit figure. Very skill and fun to be with in the bedroom. She definitely put in 100% as we were super tired and sweaty at the end. It was really fun.

Now onto the agency.

Fairly easy to park around the building. Lots of free 2 hour street parking. I would say it is fairly discreet. compared to SVIP or SU location. Class Choice is out of the busy downtown core as well but the dealership people are always right across washing cars or having a smoke so it doesn't feel discreet at all. I would say IF's location is pretty great.

Beautiful interior restoration on the heritage building. The inside looks really nice. The receptionist desk right there as you walk in. Then she leads you to another room right next to it the desk and you can meet the in-house SP one by one. I am not sure how I really feel about it and to be frank what I feel doesn't even matter. I think this is a topic better addressed by the SPs themselves. I personally would love to hear their thoughts on this. I did tip all the SPs I met to thank them for the trouble.

As far as I can tell, there is only one shower on the first floor at the back of the hallway. On the 2nd floor, there are about 4 standards room (could be 3), 1 large VIP room with a pole and lounge chairs, and another smaller room with a massage table in the middle. I know it is very costly to build another shower but I personally love the old black orchid having a private shower in almost all the rooms. It really makes sense to me. In the future, I hope any agency looking for a new location to please consider having more than one shower and hopefully with one of them en-suite.

Lastly, I want to talk about communication. I know the law prohibits any discussion of the services. In terms of service transparency, SVIP and Black Orchid are the most straight froward. Class choice has the service listed though less detailed, SU has very little information on their site but would at least discuss or "suggest" it on the phone. I can't speak for others but I personally find it hard to book not knowing anything about what services are on the table and maybe a ball park on the cost. We all know it is YMMV so even if a service is listed, it does not mean a SP has to offer it to anyone or anytime. It is just a suggestion. Same as the extras. I have had SP charging more than what they have listed and I am okay with it because this is a one-of-a-kind service and they really can charge whatever they want. I like to know so I can better respect their boundary and have the donation prepared before hand. I am sure there are ways around the law that will allow this and to be quite frank I am sure the police is very clear about not enforcing such law as it is against the best interest of the very service providers that this law is supposed to protect.

It is just better for the client and the SP to have all the right expectation so you are not having a "board meeting" to discuss what's gonna happen and how much it will cost before the intimate moment. It just ruins the mode.

Overall, I think they are trying hard and they are trying something new. I would be willing to give them a little support. I haven't visited class choice or SU for a very very long time. I mostly choose SVIP or the well established Indies because you are very well informed about the look, services, and, associated cost. It is not that I am looking for the cheapest, or most services offered but it is that so we know what to expect and hopefully find the most compatible match. Also if you know beforehand what the restriction is, it just makes you a more respectful clients for the SPs and I am sure they would like that.

Da Kine

Dec 10, 2016
Thanks for taking the time to write this with detail. It now gives me a good idea on what to expect, if I go there. I have thought about it in the past, but not much info in past. Cheers


Sep 9, 2018
Well the Rep for Islands's Finest can always chime in if they choose. They were sure eager when they first started up to give some info ? Too bad Boa didn't work out in Vic as there were so many gems there and you knew what was on the menu $$


Dec 31, 2016
Isn't a girl's "menu" just extra stuff like kissing, DATY and BBBJ? I have gotten the latter with many Indie escorts (included), and know not to expect it at the agencies or massage studios. I'd rather not pay extra for anything. Kissing (except with GF) and DATY are too beta for me anyway, and I'm an alpha male. Therefore I have never had to ask about a girl's "menu." If they include a BBBJ, great, if it's a CBJ, that's fine too, especially if it's well done. All agency escorts provide the basics like HJ, BJ, MPOS and MSOG - everything else is useless to me, except for BBBJ.

I was in town early March and had two half hour sessions at IF. Both times were walk-ins, like I'm used to at non-Asian studios in Edmonton, and both were very good sessions. I forgot each girl's name by the time I got to my car.

On another note, the poor girls who have to put up with clients who bang them non-stop for the entire session (because they paid for them), to the point of them being "super tired and sweaty." One SP in Edmonton told me she kneed a client in the nuts who wouldn't stop banging her, despite her repeated requests for him to stop towards the end of an hour session. He could do absolutely nothing about it. Too funny!
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Oct 8, 2019
Thanks for all your feedback guys!!

We have chatted with our ladies about trying to keep everyone on the same page for what they charge for GFE and extras(ultimately, whatever is charged above and beyond our base rates is up to the ladies discretion and out of our hands. It goes 100% to the escort). After the discussion we have had we updated our rates page to hopefully make things a little more clear with our pricing structure. We appreciate all of your feedback and criticism! We hope to become an agency that everyone on the west coast can enjoy! We will be ever evolving to try and become the best we can be! We imagine over the first few years we will be constantly changing and trying to improve!

Lots of love from Island's Finest Management 😍
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