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Apr 12, 2021

I thought I would put down a review of Riley at SVIP's since I have not seen many recent ones and I think I found a few that were neutral. I think she's more in her early 30's, cute, blonde and petite. Her in-call is nice and setup well. We started off and I told her I had a larger member and hope she was OK with that and she said yes I love larger cocks. After some mutual oral we switched for FS and then she said I was too big and had to go slow and we probably couldn't go all the way in, we tried to make it work which was OK but not the type of session I was looking for. This was disappointing and I have only had this on one other experience provider. (by experienced I mean more than 5 years in the business and also petite). All in all I would say she was OK but I would not repeat and I felt like I wish I could have known there was a size restriction upfront.

I can see how some people will really like her look and GFE style, I just figured I would post if you are more well endowed and or looking beyond what I would say is more GFE so you can have some additional info.
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Nov 26, 2021
I saw her last year once. I found her gfe not good at all. Mechanical and unengaged.

Edit: yes not every pair vibes together well. I just have a feeling it was the par experience


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Apr 12, 2021
I agree with your comment @shivs1 though I have heard others that have enjoyed there time. For me it seemed more of what you describe. Someone out here made a comment about SP's that have been around for a while and I have to say it seems to ring true for more of them.
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Jul 15, 2008
Thanks for taking the time to review, it is so important that we share information with each other,
on both sides of the fence to ensure the best possible connections - for everyone.

When I looked into this, I was a little shocked that your recent review was from your Oct 2022 visit.
It was a first-time meeting, 30min session that you used your free $50 birthday certificate on. (our gift to you from SVIPS).

True, chemistry is everything, some people don't hit it off and never will, and some warm up to each other after the first 30min
(i.e. longer sessions), and even some - after a second try. Although it can go the other way too, the first time being amazing, then the connection lessens...
It's part of the thrill of this roller coaster ride, there is always a roll of the dice, for both parties.
In my 20 years of experience, I have seen new and experienced providers burn out at different speeds. There are often many factors that
cause this - and typically it has to do a lot with their personal lives, and the toll the stigma puts on them to have any normal rights or freedoms
due to their chosen profession.

I can also say without a doubt that Riley's retention numbers of regulars are high,
but so is the demand - she is a skilled masseuse, a published model, and really
one of the sweetest personalities, if you have the opportunity to connect with her.

Here is what PROS will say about "taking a big dick" -

True - many know it's not in their ability, tilted cervixes, shallow vaginas, sometimes the physical biology makes this impossible.
Others have had multiple positive experiences with all sizes / girths, growers not showers and - and yet still have
had a painful experience with others who may not be as large per se, but - when it's not hitting right, it's not hitting right.

My advice always to providers in mentoring - "Don't grin and bear it, communicate, try to switch up positions and don't be afraid
to call a mulligan on a session (and that goes for clients as well, if it's not working, ask to end early, cut out at 15min /30min
don' feel like you need to stick it out for the hour). We always handle these situations on a per-case scenario, but I have
always gone up and above to provide excellent customer service, and at times kicked back my booking fee as a credit, or
the provider will cut down their rate to a 15min vs a 30min - because if you are not having fun - they don't really want you there.

ProTips : people who are aroused, deal with pain in a different way. If you know you are well endowed and tend to want to
go fast, heavy, hard - it's important that your partner is aroused (or at least given far warning, so that as a professional they
can get themselves there before you arrive). It's a biological thing as well, the vagina secrets a natural, lube, it swells up with blood,
but think about it - someone pinches your nipple when you are aroused, vs when you are not - think about how you respond to that

Regarding Riley - She has had "partners IRL with a 12 inch dick that’s as thick as my wrist" - she is someone who enjoys a larger
member, and has done so many many times without issue. She doesn't feel that "warning off larger members" is something she needs or wants to
do. There are many providers who do, and we are always honest with clients to manage expectations when they ask us
important questions and are clear in communicating their needs.

I know that there have been some extensive cancellations, that have put you into our prepaid status
but just a reminder you still do have $220 credit on file if you wish to connect with someone new.
We are in the midst of onboarding some new providers and have an amazing touring provider Miley coming
in next week. Either way, thanks again for taking the time to share your experience, it is appreciated.


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Nov 12, 2017
I'm a long-time lurker but I've only posted a couple of times--never a review. I have had lots of experience with SPs in the distant past so I'm not a novice. I recently saw Riley for a 1 h GFE. I'm on the "others that have enjoyed their time" side. I found her attentive and responsive. I'll be going back soon.

The OP had a specific issue I don't have. For others maybe it's YMMV. I don't know.


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Dec 2, 2019
I feel I also need to add a positive review. I saw Riley while she was out of town in the fall of last year. She was gorgeous and I felt she got right into the session. Gave me a heck of a massage and lavished me with compliments to make a guy feel great. The girl seriously has one of the best baby makers I've ever seen. I felt like painting a picture of it but opted for DATY instead. Been dying to see this gal again.
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