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Review: Emmy St. Claire


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Aug 11, 2004
I was visiting Victoria on short notice. I contacted Emmy but she was all booked up. Then ... Lucky me! Emmy had a cancellation so I had a chance to visit her.

Emmy is just a delight. My first impression was that she is very pretty. She has a rockin' hard body. She is lean and toned and very fit. Her grooming is impeccable and her attire was very very sexy.

Emmy is a great kisser, working from tiny gentle kissy up to big wet kisses. We were smooching and undressing each other like true lovers.(OK I just threw my towel aside, but she was seductively undressed.) The sight of her stockings under her little dress was SCHWING.

She has a sweet smooth kitty. Yummy. She gave me a nice HJ then CBJ then we enjoyed MPOS. Mish with kissy to start, then doggie. The sight of her toned tummy and legs spread for my pleasure was amazing. Thanks Emmy! She has an amazing ass, narrow waist, and lumbar dimples. Her legs and tummy are firm, but her ass and boobs are soft - perfect! We switched back to Mish because I like to kiss while I cum. And I/we did.

My hour was almost up so I asked for an extension to cuddle, cool down and chat. Oh - and caress! Emmy is smart and a joy to talk to. She and I have a number of common interests (besides this hobby BA-DUM-TING). We chatted, engaged in some mutual admiration, looked at my vacation pics of a place she has also been (the modern update to boring vacation slide shows?), discussed future fun activities, looked at some toys ... and I certainly had a great time.

Make that an INCREDIBLY great time. I definitely want to see her again. You gents who live in Victoria are lucky guys.
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Victoria, B.C.
Aug 1, 2008
Thanks for the nice review and complements! I had a great time and I'm glad you appreciate the powers of laser hair removal as much as I do :)

Now I have the Darkwing Duck theme song stuck in my head though.......


Jun 23, 2003
When I first met Emmy, I heard this disturbing sound...then I realized it was my jaw hitting the floor. Her new pics are nice, but don't really do her justice!