Quick Trip to Thailand, Helen at 99 St. Massage


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Aug 1, 2014
In Pussyland
Last week I figured I would do something I seldom do and that is visit an MP.
99 St MP is reasonably close by and has recently been reviewed by someone who's opinion I respect.

With a couple of stars (Cici and Helen) and a couple of up and coming girls who have yet to make a name for themselves, when the opportunity came I chose Helen as her look was more to my liking. Now let's be clear here. None of these girls as pretty as most off the Wonderbeauty or Sweet Baby women I have seen, but like all MPs it is more a matter of convenience.

Helen who turned out to be from Thailand (my first Thai girl), was, I would say, a mid thirties Milf with nice rebuilds, reasonably attractive, marginal English (google translate would be handy if you want to converse more in depth) and an agreeable personality. (Unshaven, but not an issue as it was quite soft). She subjected me, LOL,to a rather extensive menu of activities that included all the things I like to do and more.

I was not disappointed and I enjoyed my time with her.

So there you have it, a great time, with a nice girl that did no break the bank. I was a huge change for the better from my last misadventure.

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