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Question - dark spot on glans


Sep 23, 2002
Greater Vancouver area
I must noticed an oval shaped dark spot on the glans of my penis, right in the middle. It is about 4mm wide and just appeared yesterday. I did obtain a HJ from a provider yesterday afternoon, and I noticed the spot prior to going to bed, but I can't imagine what I could catch that would happen that fast.
I have done research but nothing seems to be helpful. It could be just a bruise, I guess, but it is right in the middle, on centre and oval shaped.
I have an appointment next week at an STI clinic but I recently got tested and all is well.
Thanks for any suggestions you have.

Health Nurse

Supporting Member
Nov 24, 2004
I agree with you that it is highly unlikely that the contact you had yesterday would show up as an STI the next day. That is a very short time frame and most STI's have a "window" period, which is the time from contact to when a symptom shows up.

From what you describe about what you are seeing on your penis, it is not an obvious sign of an STI.

I think your plan is good....go to the STI clinic and get it checked out and if it is some kind of bruise it may have faded by then.