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Puerto Vallarta experience


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Aug 20, 2021
Went to PV in July this year. Amazing place to visit. I was there with friends and was not particularly looking to hobby. A brief summary of my experiences in case you don't want to read everything.

Legit massage: 500 pesos
Full service ( Ask for special menu / special massage): 3k pesos
Tip: Pay in pesos instead of USD.

Experience 1:
We hiked a lot and decided to get a massage at a legit parlour. It was so legit that the walls had posters saying asking for anything more will get you kicked out.

The masseuse was a beautiful girl. The massage was really good one of the best I've got. We were chatting a lot and I told her how good she was and she should come visit me in Canada. After I said that she started working on my legs and there were a lot of "accidental touches"

It got me horny and she asked me to flip to do the front. I had a raging boner on the flip and she was giggling at me. I felt I got some signals and asked her if she wants to give me a happy ending. To which she declined saying its not possible to do it here but she was very friendly throughout the massage.

At the end she asked me for my insta and we're insta friends now. I guess she took the visit me in Canada part seriously. She wanted to hangout the next day but I had plans with friends and it didn't workout. But I'm sure she would be open to come back to the hotel if we went on a date.

Experience 2:

The same evening I was walking on the malecon with blue balls and I passed Lotus massage where a lady was sitting on the stairs dressed in masseuse outfit. My boner gave me the courage to ask if they offered happy ending. She replied saying that they offered a special massage.

I went up and found out they offer full service! There was a beautiful girl, looks like she works out and she was all natural. Picked her for 3k pesos.

We started directly with play all acrynoms included except anal and uncovered fs. I think bbbj is ymmv. The mamasan said only cbj bht the girl was comfortable with bbbj (not the best one) but she did try to please me a lot. Left a good tip for her as she also allowed 2 cumshots.


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Feb 18, 2018
Heading back for the second time this year in early december. Ive tried lotus spa and vallarta massage. Which do you reccomend?


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Feb 12, 2019
I’m here now and was in the Marina today. I can’t recall what the place was called, I think Naturally Spa, but it was around the corner, South west, from Vallarta Massage. Never seen that many head turners, even the ones that probably do more legit massage were hot, sitting out front of one of these places. I’m guessing some of them maybe were working nearby but I was given the choice of all six present. Chose 20 something Camilla who I had seen last year in Zona Romantica and she’s still just as hot with her flat stomach, natural plump booty and thighs, enhanced Cs and that silky long hair. Service, English and shyness has improved too but with a girl like that she’s so hot it’s just a bonus. Only downside of this place is it’s not very private but I highly recommend Camilla and will check out at least one more lady(or repeat Camilla 😂)there before I leave.
Bad experience at Vallarta massage earlier 😳
I’ve had a few great sessions at this place as it’s more comfortable and private than most Vallarta MPs and had a good reputation/roster before. Walk in this morning and saw a very young looking lady (probably 18 or 19 but very immature in presentation)playing a Nintendo switch in the couch and a few 25ish ladies looking great but left the room when I entered. A 30 something decent looking lady comes over and tries to walk me into the back room without offering a choice and when I stop and ask who’s available it’s her, another decent enough looker who came from the back and “her” the young one on the couch playing video games gets up and smiles. One can never really know but I assume as this a very high profile location/neighborhood and long established place that she was old enough but between her looking so young and immature and the pressure tactics I didn’t ask about the others who wandered off(it’s common at busier places here to go on a turn system but one can typically see whoever if pressed) , I just said I might return later and left and had a great time around the corner.
Checking out Soul Twin on Insurgentes, kony on Basillo Badillo, the best massage near the malecon and lotus, where I’ve had great experiences on previous trips, this week.


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Aug 20, 2021
I've just been to PV once. It was a trip with a bunch of college friends. I just happend to go out and find these spots randomly.

I want to go to PV solo next time. I'm sure there's high quality ladies there. Both the experiences I had were fun. As a Canadian I think its easy to score pussy in PV


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Jan 3, 2016
PV Playmates.

Hands down best experience while in PV. Not much more than the MP and worth every penny extra.
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