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Mar 26, 2003
Well, another "shock" of being out of the scene for past year plus was the rise in pricing structure with seeming drop in all star service. Howie will do lots of things but Howie don't spend more than two browns on any encounter - more of a principle than a financial constraint.

But, hey, half the fun is to find the gems at lower cost before they feel they can suck guys in (no pun intended) with higher prices. I remember the days of Preetika at $160 for nearly 90 minutes in her first few weeks, I remember Taylor for $160 for the hour, I remember.....sorry, was getting nostalgic there.

I really wonder if some more of you fellow hobby dudes did what ol' Howie here does and tells them their price on the phone. Like, how about $160 for the hour. More than 50% of the time (regardless what their web site says about non-negotiable etc.) I get "well, OK" after some humming and hawing. Does it impact the service I get....possibly. I also say to them that I will up the fee if it is good for next time. This is not a lie but I don't tell them the two brown Howie rule so I guess it is not all that straight either.

I would ask all of you though to not blindly assume that $250 is the norm for good service.


Feb 23, 2003
welcome back

Welcome back Howie!

I hear ya. I remember years ago, during the peak of the cruizing scene, SP prices averaged about 150-200 (and back then, you could get awesome street action on the tracks for 2-3 greens, and the girl had her own place nearby!). But with the death of the street scene, I guess more people would move towards SP, thus driving up demand and prices.

I remember Preetika so fondly. She was one of my all time favorites. I saw her a few months before she retired and it was 190 for an hour. Wow, you got a total deal when you saw her for sure! But even at 190, it was such an awesome experience. So sad she is no longer around.

Yeah, the SP selection, service and prices are the pitts.

I agree with you - both in principle and financially, going over 2 browns for an experience is over the top for me. Except for maybe the odd exception (layla, which I have yet to see), does going from 200 to 250 or higher really give you a greater return (in terms of experience)? I can remember some street experiences that would almost rival a SP!

But maybe my tune will change if I win the 6/49! hahaha....


Feb 25, 2003
Howie & Yuppie, you guys are so right, 2-3 greens on the mid would get ya some sweet service, and finding decent chiks for 2 browns or less was easy. Now downtown even in the crackhead end you need 2 greens just to get in the game, I won't even mention the mid or Kingsway.

I agree too that 2 browns is plenty for 60 min of rompty-bompty, I would say any ho that charges more is just being greedy. Alright I know all about you quality over quantity and "I only see 1 client a day" 1 a day or 10 a day, by the time I see you, you probably already fu**ed half the lower mainland.

Perhaps they (or some anyway) will price themselves out of the market.

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May 11, 2002
Ah Preetika

Yuppie, Preetika is still around and has not retired. She is now going by Shevani.

Here is her website.

Get ready for more sticker shock, if you call her.



May 26, 2002
Shivani retired too

She quit about two months ago. See the site.
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