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Feb 23, 2020
I created an account here so that I could review this lovely lady. Having previously booked at SweetVips, I decided to take a day trip to Victoria from the United States to visit Olivia. Boy am I glad I did! She is one of the smartest, sweetest and most down to earth women I have ever met. Right away, she put me at ease and then we began our naughty time which involved a lot screaming, cumming, kissing and a variety of positions! It was so hot and steamy, I thought the condo was going to explode! :p I like to think that with the amount of noise we made, we could have been heard for miles! :p Olivia is also an amazing kisser and skilled in so many different techniques. Oh. And did I mention she has a nice, big, juicy booty which I proceeded to kiss and lick all over! :p 😜😎Altogether, I managed to cum a total of five times in the four and a half hours I was with her plus two more when I got home!

Olivia is also a great conversationalist and when we weren't having naughty time, we had some great conversations about politics, movies, social issues and a variety of other topics. I sure hope that Olivia plans to stay for a while because I will definitely be back for more! For those of you who haven't spent time with this amazing goddess, you are truly missing out and need to do yourself a favor and book her ASAP as you will be pleasantly surprised!

Thank you so much Harvi and Olivia!

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