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Nyomi Blu wins Grammy!!


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Apr 6, 2014
Okay, maybe Grammy's not quite the right award but let's just use it for now. Nyomi Blu is a regular visitor to Peg City as am I. One more reason to keep coming home! Wow, this is quite a lady. What makes her wow? When I walked into her incall there was a very very brief verbal exchange and we quickly spent the next five minutes (at least) searching for each others tonsils with our tongues. DFK like I have never before experienced with a SP. Clothes came off slowly and I pushed her back onto bed and we both removed her last remaining items. DATY. She has a beautiful kitty. I'm not just saying that, I mean it. Perfect lips which were parted by my tongue and exposing exquisite pinkness. She looked and sounded like she loved it. At some point the rest of my clothes were off and a BBBJ ensued that was out of this world. Eventually condom was found and LG was dressed up and ready to go (with a little help cuz I'm getting old and don't always have full cooperation from my parts). CG and Mish and I was rock hard again and eventually finished up. We cuddled and kissed and talked about Billie Holiday and life was good, very good. She is intelligent and friendly. Clock? Wasn't an issue. This is one SP who loves the business and we are lucky for it. Was there a down side? Not that I can think of. Repeat? Absolutely. This is one pretty woman who gets it all right. Did I miss anything? Probably, but you get the idea....she's on the A+ list. The Grammy goes to Nyomi Blu!!:clap2:

Jack Off

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Mar 1, 2014
Every time this lady comes through town it is an academy award winning performance. This time was no exception
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