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(not really)Fenix Reviews the ‘Plow


Dec 7, 2005
Hiya Boys, (not really)Fenix from Sweet VIP’s here!

Your probably wondering.... why the hell is (not really)Fenix posting under ‘Plow’s handle?

Let’s just say that Mr.Plow pretty much becomes a drooling zombie when he’s close to cumming.

He’ll readily tell me just about anything in this blissful state,lol.
Questions like “what is the password to your Perb account?” are a cinch!

Well, that‘s the “how” but the “why” still remains unanswered.....

That ones easy. You see, I was kinda offended when snowplow described my cries of ecstasy as “a cross between William Wallace’s battle cry and a mentally handicapped child’s exclamation of glee”.
Really plow? Not cool.
It. Is. On. Like Donkey Kong!
You always know when the ‘plow is having an orgasm..... he sounds like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
Wow!..what the hell dude??!

I enjoy experiencing the uniqueness that each client brings to the session..... but come on.... the last time I was with the plow he cried and sucked his thumb in the fetal position for 20 minutes following sex...... Yah. Eww.

And don’t even get me started on what he told me the “real story” was behind the name “SNOW!!!plow”.

So the last time I saw him I decided to do him a solid and wear the nurse outfit from my latest photo shoot: . I have to admit, I feel pretty darn sexy wearing that thing (and have received a lot of compliments from clients to date)
I sure could tell the ‘plow was enjoying the view..... he had that weird bug eyed, “gawk/leer” thing happening. He kind of reminded me of Rodney Dangerfield’s* slightly less attractive, younger brother.... if he was drooling.... A LOT..... I know, gross right?

I mean, he’s a nice enough guy and all, but with real studs out there like Lukewar1978, Mr_Aver8ge, Nakamun and whoisjohngault, the bar is kinda set high.

Actually, I’m getting pretty sick of seeing him... dudes cramping my style! The rest of the girls @ VIP have already made Harvey promise not to book him with them anymore..(really.......ok, not really, lol)

I think I’m gonna have to do the same. It will leave me more time for the rest of my clientele and give me the opportunity to meet new clients. Like you, reading this right now.... hi there! :)

XOXO.... (not really)Fenix .....“Snowplow” free since...... now!


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Jul 15, 2008
seriously I laughed so hard that I peed a little - thanks for making my panties wet "Fenix"

BTW - I know it's going to be a good review when the other girls at the office are asking...
Have you seen the new snowplow review lol.

As always snowplow you are the best cunning linguist

xoxox ms.Harvi