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Noob needs advice - how safe is Vancouver scene from LE?


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Jun 25, 2014
Sincere apologies if this is posted somewhere else. Still finding my way around the resource.

I'm coming to Vancouver from outside of Canada. I read enough to see that it appears two consenting adults can exchange money for sex, and that's legal. But it seems there is a bunch of stuff around the periphery that is not. How safe am I in inviting an outcall provider to a nice hotel? Does that cross any lines in this town? Wanting to play, but paranoid.


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You should have no issues at all with an out call as long as you follow these basic guidelines.

1) Do NOT meet in the lounge, bar, restaurant etc first. Have the lady come to your room, where you can take care of finances in private, and then head out together if you like. It is the discussion in public that is an issue - so just make sure that there is no need to discuss business in public ;-)

2) If your elevator is key carded, and you need to retrieve the lady from the lobby, that is no problem at all. Just make sure you aren't discussing private matters in public!

There is no reason at all to be paranoid. Just use common sense with discretion and not discussing matters in public. Then relax and have fun!
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