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Non key card elevators hotels in calgary or edmonton ?


May 9, 2019
Hey wondering if anyone knows if the 2 following hotels are NON key card for elevator?
Alt hotel in Calgary ?
Crash in Edmonton ?
I heard alt in calgary isn't but I know some hotels are updating their elevators for key card use only (I've stayed at international calgary and they plan on getting key card for elevator)

A few others if anyone has been?:
-regency calgary
-Sandman calgary
-holiday inn express calgary

-Metterra Hotel on Whyte, Edmonton
-Holiday Inn Express Edmonton Downtown, Edmonton
or any other suggestions !

Sexy Maria Vega

New member
Feb 14, 2019
The only ones i know that are still keyless are Calgary the Ramada on 8 th ave. try to get the top floors rooms theres more nicer .(Alls the nicer hotels have key elevators )
There is also the Fairmount Downtown but $$$)
Edmonton the Chateau Lacombe downtown and the West Edmonton inn ( but it’s more a small hotel nothing fancy in the West end)

Never had any trouble in the 3 years i been doing this , hope it helps
Edmonton - Chateau la combe is non keycarded however ensure to underdress when coming/going as they can be suspicious. I've never had issues personally however I have heard from other ladies.

Secondly, I know that Bambi Vanity is renting her incall to reviewed ladies in Calgary. I know her personally, shes a gem.

If shes unavailable try the Sheraton in Eau Claire, however stay away from the Fairmount as they have become a keycarded hotel in Winnipeg & Calgary.
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