The Raquel Rose

"New to This" BS on Babylon


Sep 11, 2009
Hi Guys,

This is a heads up for pooners who use Escort Babylon. The ad says, "21 years old and I'm new to this - looking for gentleman only." The age and 'new to this' are total bullshit: this chick is at least 29 - 30 and has been a SP in Vancouver for at least the past 5 - 6 years (I know because I've seen her myself for a date back in 2014, and seen her ads on Leos and BP for a lot longer than that). So don't think she's some fresh flower - she's anything but!

My date with her one time was very underwhelming. She's kind of hot if you like tall (like 6' and very thin) but when I saw her she was all bruised up, kinda smelly, and definitely not 'fresh'. Utterly boring, utterly bored. Huge waste of money.

She worked as an indie in Surrey for years then the 8372 crew in Vancouver as well, this means she's seen lots and lots and lots and lots of mileage. Used to go by Vanessa but has changed names probably a dozen times due to horrible reviews across the board.

Maybe she moved to Vic for a fresh start; I don't want to screw her over but when I see such blatant lies I have to say something.

I recommend staying away - far, far away.
Vancouver Escorts