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Aug 1, 2014
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I bit tardy here. I managed to take in Nataly KimVee on her last swing through Edmonton a couple or so weeks back.

Nataly comes out from Montreal on a fairly regular basis. Doesn't seem to advertise on LL but if you have access to baby cow you can catch her ads there when she is in town.

Nat is completely fluent in French and English so absolutely no communication issues what so ever.

She is of mixed Asian background, Cambodian seems most prevalent and quite pretty. She has a stellar body, 5'1" about 100-115 lbs, with the best rebuilt 32-34DD tits I have ever seen, with perfect cone nipples. Anyway nickel bounce body tone, great double bowling ball bum ( ha ha 5 pin my friend, definitely 5 pin :hail: )perched atop a lovely gap, long dark hair, and luscious lips.

She is excellent in the sack, bbbj of course, with a super tight and buttery smooth pussy. You art appreciandos, might want to know she has a couple of prominent Asian themed tattoos which I liked and best observed in doggie, lol.

Not much of a kisser, which if she ramped it up, for me, would have make the experience perfect, but none the less a worthy investment and a fun girl.

That's the way I pooned it.

As always ymmv.

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