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My first time with Leah Laurence


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Dec 2, 2016
I have wanted to see Leah for almost a year, my schedule just hasn’t lined up with her tour dates til this trip!
My schedule and her time in Winnipeg matched so I booked my visit about a week before. It was simple and she was very upfront and clear with what I could expect. Which sounds like a small thing but how many times have you gotten a response via text, and then in person you get a different response? With Leah she was upfront and concise from the first text. Now waiting for her to get to Winnipeg was like torture though! Her pics looked incredible and I absolutely love a woman who squirts! Well the day came yesterday, confirming and communication was once again clear and professional. Now when she opened the door...I am pretty sure I groaned like a caveman! She is tall, with absolutely delicious feminine curves and incredibly beautiful! I love to please as the name suggests and she was very responsive to my tongue...
I would say she is probably one of the best times I have ever had! She loves what she does, has a dirty mind like me, and is sexy as fuck! I absolutely will repeat!
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