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My 2 cents on massages....


Mar 5, 2013
So just thought I should provide some feedback on a few ladies I've seen for massages over the years....
Lucy- no opinion needed- those who've seen her know she is the benchmark to which all are compared.
Lady D- fits my taste- awesome massage and ending. Have repeated in past and will again
Ad heading- 'Expansion of Pleasure' - massage a little firmer than my preference but very attractive and kind- will repeat
One who does not want reviews in Esquimalt, larger girl in business for years - those who've seen her know who I'm referring to...have and will repeat. perfect massage- lots of touching allowed- very caring.
Sara's Massage- very attractive by my taste. Not much for conversation but nice place. may repeat.
Ad heading 'Good Sweedish Massage' - much older but massage was good, fair price but no nudity. finish was ok. may repeat hoping for topless.
Jay in James Bay- awesome lady- saw recently. attractive and awesome body. felt sincere connection during massage- will repeat for sure. This girl is the real deal.
Christine near Hillside- have repeated- some very good one or two not so good- understand she is maybe going thru personal issues that have put her off her game? haven't seen her advertise in a while.

Stay away from: anything in Duncan I've tried, the mature lady near bear mountain- gross! Sue near hillside- mattress smells like rancid massage oil...there are more and will add to this section as I remember them...maybe I don't want to remember?

Now that you know what I like in a provider...Would like info on:
Niki- 'Come Feel Soothing Hands' ?
jasmine in Esquimalt.
Any other positives I should see similar to above? (with contact info please if they're not well advertised). I like more mature women as they're closer to my age and seem to give massages that are more 'sincere', not just a quick rub for cash


Jul 25, 2015
thanks for the feedback - I sent a pm but I figured I might as well post too to maybe spur some more posts... also, should this be in reviews (?)

I haven't seen all of the ones you've mentioned but..
Lucy - a+, just wish her rates were like $20 lower
Expansion of Pleasure - first time I think i've heard of her reviewed... been curious for a while, will prob check it out

Sara - I found nice but very meek/shy/quiet
Jay - decent massage, nice woman, really enjoyed, have seen her a couple of times
Christine - I saw her recently and wasn't overly thrilled. Decent massage but found some aspects lackluster after reading so many positive reviews.
I have seen Nikki but didn't repeat - found her a fair bit older than posted age.. it was my first experience though so I don't know if I could have enjoyed it more with more experience. As an aside she told me she offers fs...
Haven't seen the others. Would love to find a provider that offers cbj/bbj at decent rate though.


Mar 5, 2013
Well since the last post I saw "nikki" in james bay- worse HE yet- severe pounding on the little guy- nothing sensual about it. never go back.
Saw the BBW on Hillside- again wont go back- empty apartment- said she would do nude but didnt- paid for an hour and got just over half that. on a bed with no oil- used skin lotion. one of the worst.
these two charge top dollar but are no where in the league of Jay in james bay or lucy!


Oct 29, 2012
Katerina Kova. Got to check her out. I'd rather pay the same for a real deal massage and HJ with her than the listless half hearted performances you get from most SPs in this town.
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