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More Grace - again again and again


Jan 3, 2009
I admit it - I’m totally addicted to Grace and have become a weekly groupie with her regular visits to Courtenay.

Seriously - this lady has it all - she is beautiful both inside and out. She is smart and carries a great conversation. She loves to talk dirty - genuine dirty and not the phoney stuff that Eva gives you. She loves a spanking that stings. She loves to explore variety in helping enrich my weekly fantasy. Her BBBJ is out of this world. Get her to walk around the bed and you become transfixed on that ohhhh so special g spot where her amazing sensual back transforms into her unbelievable tush.

Did you know that she is also a porn star ? Hot play time here in our little Valley and we actually get to play with a pornstar. Seriously that’s like winning the 6-49! Having an hour with this unbelievable sensual highly professional porn star makes me feel I have literally died and gone to heaven . Each and every week I visit her I feel it even more so.

We are so Damn lucky to have an incredibly hot porn star visit us on a very regular basis . Let’s not screw up our good fortune. Pay her a visit and treat her with the class and respect she deserves. I am truly smitten and I love it. So will you.


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Nov 1, 2016
Vancouver Island
I spent an hour with Grace a few days ago.

First of all - I have to say that the photos that she uses on BOA are not a really a good representation of what you get. She is waaaaaaay more attractive in person. Her age is less than she claims - I would have guessed 28-30. She is super cute and has a very welcoming smile, nice eyes, soft spoken voice. GREAT body with perky breasts and a perfect model-esqu bum. She is petite and shorter than I expected.

She is a very nice person.

However, for some reason we just didnt hit it off. Not her fault. Sometimes there just isn't a connection. She tried - as did I - but I think we were just different personalities. Though everything with her service was perfect and fine - I think she is somebody I would have wanted to hang out with for a few hours before sexy time and we would have been great - however, my budget does not currently allow for such luxuries.

For most guys, I think she would be the perfect GFE experience SP. We just didnt quite vibe together in the time provided.
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