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Sep 15, 2008
Recently, I had become aware that my Mistress had gone away for a bit, on a sort of vacation, as it were.
As always, I had no say in the matter.
She can go away whenever and where ever She wants to.

With that said, I have some very fond memories of my most recent "conversations" with my Mistress.
Starting it off, was the following e-mail message that I had sent to Her.
As you can tell, I did and still do miss my Mistress, immensely:

"Thinking About You
Hi, how are You?
Hopefully, all is well with You?

I just wanted to let You know that I still think about You, very often, that is.
And, just so You know, those precious e-mails of Yours did and still do make for some wonderful and very thought-provoking reading material.

Okay, so I'm still thinking and fantasizing about You and about those lovely pictures of Yourself, that You'd so graciously forwarded over to me, just a few days ago..
I can assure You that they are safe and secure with me.
I'm not sure if You'd noticed this or not about Your pictures, but You definitely are in some very prone and provocative positions,...........You are!!
Hmmmmm, those pictures of Yours do make me wonder?

Have a very nice day, Mistress."

A few days later, my Mistress replied back, by e-mail, to me:

"Thinking About You
SWEET submissive,
So delightful to hear from you!
I seldom convey gratitude, however, your emails of submission help ME to feel better, more Myself, and so much more sensual, confident, and powerful...

You are wondering, are you?
I love it when you think about ME!!
I'm sure that you are trying to figure out when I will again abuse and torture you?
The poses in those pictures of Mine are for sure very dreamy: if you've been a good boy, when I see you, I'll tell you what I had been fantasizing about at the time of MY taking them.
For now, I want you to keep your attention focused on keeping your cock in a state of constant readiness for ME.

Refresh ME of your history; tell ME of your adventures lately.
Have you been to see Lady Erika?
Does Lady Erika still work at that little sex toy shop?
It is a fond reflection of your devotion, your visiting Her there.
Please DO NOT do that for anyone else!

Lady Erika is trustworthy, along with MY entourage.
I have known individuals for many years, and not unlike yourself, have placed them through a rigorous screening process.
Not everyone is trustworthy, especially if they are socio-economically deprived individuals, who may try to take advantage of others.
There was a time when alternative play had its own code of ethics, however, it has become mainstream to a degree.
Consequently, it now requires finesse to weed out the wannabes that could potentially damage the game for some.

I was born a DOMME; that part of MY character is without rehearsal or pretense.
I am somewhat amused at the frail insecurities that pretend to be the vision of a masquerade of fashion, and of their taking on and for granted the title of "DOMME".
Adorned in thigh highs and black pvc, and the whips provided to LA SENZA (junior), as props, that carry a saddened implication of children lost.
Seduction or ridicule, mindless misdirection....

No, I haven't forgotten you!
If you must know, I do have many things that I want to explore with you, and your cock and balls and ass and nipples and, of course, your mind....which I find dirty in the sexiest way!

Are you excited to read my e-mail?
Just wait...!
I plan to be coming back to Vancouver and should be arriving back soon.
I'm giving you enough notice for NOT having an orgasm for at least 10 days prior to our next meeting together.
Yes, you could say that I want you hungry for MY attention!

For now, I want you to work on your cock for ME: as always, I want you to play with yourself, getting yourself all worked up, and your cock all nice and erect, this time with the help of your nipple-rubbing fingers.
Start with your nipples, letting the sensation travel down to your cock, until it's completely erect and so very hard!
Keep stroking that little cock of yours for ME,........keep stroking it super slow, until you're just about to have orgasm.
You may use MY panties to perpetuate the moment.
And then STOP masturbating for ME!!
Experience nothing else, but the tingling sensation, NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!
Hold that moment!!!

Finish up with the rubbing of your nipples,......gently calming yourself down, and leaving you only with that tingling sensation of MY control and command over your mind.
Then get back to work!!!

I will think of having you bound in stockings and locked up in a cage with only your head being free - your lips and tongue will be available for MY USE."

And that reminds me of what I had read recently in regards to this type of scenario.
It was an insightful reading, it was, and it dealt with the intimacy that this act of humiliation evokes.
And this was as was stated:

"This is a very erotic and pleasurable experience for the Woman, and a very humiliating hand submissive act for the male.
The Lady commands, the man obeys.
Kneeling astride his face, with his eyes very close to Her pussy, is a very pleasant torment.
As well, the darkness sensation and the body weight mixed with the Female odors, wetness, and slow erotic movements, create a strong sense of adoration by the submissive male.
Few Female Domination activities will transport a man into the deep and submissive state, known as subspace, as fast as the intimate worshiping of a very beautiful Mistress, will.

He may fear each part of Her sexual equipment, staring up and into Her vaginal passage while She spreads Her lips apart, memorizing the so erotically enticing features of Her clitoris, labia and vulva.
It is essential that the male slave is more than intimate with those parts of a Woman's body, which require servicing by his tongue, lips and nose.
The Woman's pussy and anus demand service.
Using Her fingers to spread apart Her labia, She is able to insist that he looks and learns.
Most submissive men are extremely turned on by the Female ass, its shape, appearance and softness.
Not only does the submissive man crave to kiss the Feminine bottom, but he must also, examine Her anus; with respect, in case She decides to have his nose inserted into it.
She may require that he has his nose against Her anal rose while his mouth and tongue serves Her pussy.
She must teach him the way to kiss, lick and suck Her sexually, with particular attention to Her clitoris.
He must suck and swallow Her sex juices.
Of course, there can be real pleasure gained from smothering whereby the Woman keeps Her underwear on so that he is only able to smell Her very delicious scent.

The whole event is devoted to Her pleasure, Her orgasms and Her time schedule.
The man's pleasure or pain, satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance,...if any."

Ahem,.......yes, that did make for some very interesting and thought-provoking reading.
Now, where was I?

In time, I'd replied back to my Mistress:

"Your Return
Hi Mistress,
It was so nice of have received and read Your latest e-mail.
As well, it was so very nice to know that You'll be returning back to Vancouver in the not too distant future.
As You know, I'm really looking forward to meeting up with You.
No, after that episode where I'd first dropped by with a lovely bouquet of flowers for Lady Erika, and then purchased that lovely lingerie set, along with a personal vibratory device (as per Your request and orders), I never did return and see Her.
With that said, I'm not really sure if She still works at that little sex toy shop or not?
No, I have not done that with any other Mistress, as I had with Lady Erika and Yourself.

Yes, You are so right!
There are ones who are not very trustworthy and who'll try to take advantage of others.
I know that all too well as I've actually experienced that myself.
How damaging that was...

Oh, how nice that would be, to be Your boy toy, and to be bound in stockings!
I can't wait!!"

A few days had gone by before my Mistress had e-mailed me back:

"Your Return
SWEET submissive one,
I do not check this email often.
However, that will change in time.
Upon MY return I will be in touch with you frequently.
Trusting that your loyalty and your desire to serve has remained as subservient as before?

NOW I TURN A PAGE, and speak to you with an open heart and as a friend in the lifestyle.
I found it very disturbing to hear that you had been compromised.
I understand if you do not want to share the details....
However, I know a large percentage of the community who play alternative and I would take pleasure in tracking them down and make them accountable (unless, it was a prostitute).
I'll have you know that I don't associate with that circle.

Lady Erika is also, in the know, with the community.
She is good soul and I know that she would assist.
I would be inclined to think Lady Erika is still working at the toy shop.

I will have a party when I return and invite the both of you.
My parties have always been notoriously discreet, sensually mysterious and sumptuously delicious.

Now, I need a bedtime story from you, to pleasure MY mind:
Please forward to ME an entertaining and picturesque email of the erotic pleasures you will prepare in MY company when I return home.
Include MY role, what I will be wearing, and describe how you will serve and service.
Now behave and pleasure MY wishes, as I'm cumming home soon and I crave a sweet submissive to be MY PET!!!"

And, that was that!
I now have my work cut out for me, that I know.
I'm trying to think of something to write about that would have my Mistress' complete and undivided attention, and at the same time, provide amusement and pleasure, for Her.
Now, that's what's on my mind!
That will take some ingenuity and a bit of intuitiveness on my part.....

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Sep 15, 2008
This was a very pleasurable post! Thank you
Lady Rapture,

I am so glad that what I'd posted had provided so much pleasure and amusement for You!!

With that said, I'd recently read the following, in regards to what amuses and pleasures this ONE Mistress.
And, what caught my eye was this rather intriguing lead-in, with Her spelling out just what She was really interested in and looking for in a pet:

"The submissive I choose will be passionate and intense in his service to ME.
I will not require you to serve or pleasure anyone, but ME.
Sexually, it goes without saying that your genitalia will be Mine to control.
I will keep you chaste and be the Keeper of the key.

MY submissive's body will be modified for MY visual pleasure, i.e. weight loss/gain, muscle definition, regular manicures, elongated nipples, and descended scrotum.
I will be 'torturing' your penis and testes to augment your endurance.
This 'torture' could involve having you masturbate for long periods of time as I watch without allowing a release, naturally, for MY enjoyment and to increase your stamina.
I will increase the amount of weight your testes can bear.
Yes, I quite enjoy the look of a descended scrotum, especially when a man is on all fours with his legs spread-eagled and wide apart.
Therefore, the training will be on-going to achieve the desired effect.
While in a spreader bar, your penis and testes will be handled and stroked with ever-increasing firmness as your endurance grows.
Even your nipples will take what I plan to do with them: soft touching, squeezing, licking, biting, sucking, and the use of clamps with weights attached, so that they will be quite and unmistakably visible.
Then you'll be so very eager to fulfill and do other MY presence...very close to close that you won't be able to breathe as you'll be so entranced by MY scent.

This is all about ME!
I will train you to MY exacting specifications and desires.
A dedicated sense of servitude and perfectionism is essential in serving, pleasing, and pleasuring ME.
The willingness to be trained is more important than experience, as I cherish the thought of creating MY submissive.
With that in mind, I require an intelligent head and sweetheart, as well as, one who is well-read, witty, with English as their first language, and well-mannered in private, as well as, in their writings.
Straight submissives for LTR only, with a clean bill of health from the health nurse is required.

What else do I like?
I'm intrigued by well-written messages, as well as subtle hints, either in writing or pictures.
I will require that your cock be positioned upright, especially when it comes to opening, reading and answering MY e-mails.
I love it when e-mails vibrate this great erotic energy - that's what makes ME smile!"

I must make mention that this past Friday (yesterday), with my Mistress, was no exception.

I must say, was what dreams are made of.

It was so unbelievable, to say the least!

MMmmmmmmm,.........I still can't believe it, how She'd ordered and made me pleasure Her so!

Yes, still thinking and dreaming about Her and that very lovely body of Hers, I am!!

Now, if only I knew why?
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Jul 14, 2003
'bout time for an update there myboy. We do enjoy your adventures. Be sure to share the latest when your Mistress sees fit to blow your mind yet again. The fall is creeping in upon us, and although it is sad to see the summer sun fade away, I find the drab and dreary fall to be the best kink season there is! Sweet redemption.



Sep 15, 2008
As You Wish

'bout time for an update there myboy. We do enjoy your adventures. Be sure to share the latest when your Mistress sees fit to blow your mind yet again. The fall is creeping in upon us, and although it is sad to see the summer sun fade away, I find the drab and dreary fall to be the best kink season there is! Sweet redemption.


I'm so glad to hear, Sire, that you have such a longing to read about my having the time of my life!

With that said, I'll see what I can do.

If it is any consolation to you, you and my Mistress, both have some very similar desires,........for some reason(s)?
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