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Miss Sadie/Goddess Ava


Mar 12, 2017
Have been wanting to have a kink session again, and Miss Sadie's ad caught my eye. I noticed she was offering duo sessions with Goddess Ava, and the thought of four hands (and feet!) on me was too irresistable to pass on!

When the door was opened, I was greeted by Miss Sadie wearing a black, lacy bodysuit - she is smoking hot! If you ever wanted to have a BDSM session with a hot, young lady, look no further! She introduced me to Goddess Ava, who is curvy as advertised.

My main interests are tickle torture, foot fetish and tease&denial/edging.

Tickle torture - Some of the dommes I've seen have been very light on the tickle torture (more like a playful tickle), but these ladies were relentless! When I started squirming around too much, Miss Sadie pinned me down by straddling me (she is surprisingly strong despite her slender frame!) and attacked my armpits while Goddess Ava went at my feet. When I tried to lift my legs to escape their tickling, Miss Sadie grabbed my legs and exposed my soles for Goddess Ava to tickle. They both seemed to really enjoy tickling me, especially Miss Sadie who kept taunting and laughing at me while they tickled me.

Foot fetish - For anyone following foot fetish posts on PERB, you'll know that I have a strong foot fetish, in particular for smelly feet. Sadly, Miss Sadie informed me she would be unable to accommodate for smelly feet but Goddess Ava was happy to oblige. She told me she had been marinating her feet in her flats, and she took them off for me to smell, I was in heaven! Miss Sadie has very sexy slender feet with long toes, while Goddess Ava has cute, chubby feet. Lots of foot worship, forced foot smelling, and some footjob action mixed in - foot fetish bliss!

Tease & denial - After their initial tickle attack, they led me to the bed and restrained me with cuffs. Told me I had been a good boy, and started teasing me with their hands and feet - a certain member got very hard very quickly, and then...yup, tickle attack! They would alternate between teasing and tickling, driving me crazy! By now, my cock was throbbing and Miss Sadie wondered if I could hold back cumming without permission. I'm a huge fan of tease & denial sessions and pride myself in holding back my orgasms. After some extended teasing without cumming I think they were quite impressed! Then they stuck all 4 of their beautiful feet in my face and Miss Sadie warned that if I didn't cum when I asked, they would go back to tickle torture - I didn't last long after that and spurted shortly after. Miss Sadie, didn't stop, continuing with post-orgasm torture until I was squirming and begging her to stop - phew!

I had an absolute blast with these ladies and would definitely repeat and highly recommend!


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Nov 13, 2014
Agree with you on that one Had a half hour session with Miss Sadie. Texted her 2 days before the scheduled date arrived at the dungeon with lots of parking available close to bc womens hospital. Knocked on the door heard high heels clicking. Door opens and my mouth dropped Miss Sadie was stunning in a leather biker jacket, leather leggings, and leather ankle heeled boots. She ordered me to worship her boots junior was instantly turned on. She cuffs me my arms and legs as she walks in front of she spits all over my face and in my mouth that was so hot. She walks over and grabs a switch blade knife i know its fear edge play my heart was pounding but trusted her as i have sessioned with her friend goddess Ivy Harte who is amazing and professional as well. She runs the blade very lightly over my chest junior was throbbing at this point. Next on comes the plastic bag over my head i gasp for air and miss sadie is loving my struggle as squirm for air. Next she removes her boots and the whiff was amazing nice smelly at this point i am so turned on and she knew it more spitting on my face and mouth. My face was drenched and she whispers in my ear how pathetic i am. I then find myself on the floor laying down sucking her sexy feet and release myself into subspace. Miss Sadie is def one of the best dommes in vancity up there with the elite group: Mistress Damazonia, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Miko.

Highly recommend!
Pink Cherry