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Crystal Cain

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Jul 15, 2016

Standing at 5 ft 3in, I am the perfect height to look down into my deep brown eyes and feel my long, brown hair brush against your skin. At the young age of 21 years old I have a very fit body with all natural curves of 32D, 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips, clearly displaying my muscle tone from my days of being a competitive figure skater. My background shines through with my tanned skin due to my French and Italian roots. I am truly "girl next door" (You know the one you peeked outside at whenever she was washing her car or reading a book on the porch) but, I do have tasteful and feminine tattoos. My celebrity look-a-likes I have been told of are Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis (back when she was in 'That 70's Show') ​
I am currently residing in Toronto, ON ; but often travel to other cities when my pastry chef career allows. I have now graduated my French patisserie and culinary course, I am hoping to continue my small baking business into the next few years: though, my other hobbies and interests include scouring thrift book stores, enjoying a dark cup of coffee in a small cafe, taking long road trips with my husky and trying new restaurants. I am definitely a foodie of the vegetarian variety: I have my favourites that have captured my culinary heart, but I am eager to try new tasting menus, small pop-up shops and artisan cocktails (You had me sold at the word 'whiskey'.) I also enjoy a good night out on the town in an intimate lounge whispering sweet nothings and small jokes (I have been told my sense of humour can keep you smiling for hours) to each other; wearing a tight, curve hugging cocktail dress. But, with that in mind: I also appreciate a cozy night at home wearing silk pyjamas holding a glass of Pinot Noir and a box of truffles from SoMA on King St watching a documentary or crime television series.

I truly love what I do and have met some of the most wonderful gentlemen and couples in my line of work; I am always eager for another meeting with a past fling, to join a couple in an intimate evening or to welcome a new friend for a meal of their choice. I love meeting new free spirited, open minded and humorous people like myself.

Listed below are Incall rates; hosted downtown
1 Hour "Just a Taste"- $300
1.5 Hours "A Little More Time"-$450
2 Hours "A Longer Get Together" (Recommended for first time meetings)-$600
3 Hours "The Ideal Date"- $850

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